Ugly Christmas Sweater Options

This time of the year come with lots of parties and a top theme has to be wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater! I had an ugly Christmas sweater competition at work and thought so many of them were ugly + cute and then thought, I need to share some picks with you all  on what I’ve found online! Also, you can enjoy these shots that Alex and I got of the two I already owned. It was quite embarrassing roaming the busy streets of NYC wearing these ahahah. We sure got lots of attention and chuckles.

My top picks this year for your next Ugly Christmas Sweater:

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Let me know if you go towards the cute route or the ugly route! With my personality, I usually go towards the cute route, even though the Santa one is prettyyyy ugly…but in my defense it was actually Alex’s sweater that I stole. I hope you enjoyed looking through this and it helped you find an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to your next party and/or holiday party!

Alex said Santa always rubs his stomach so I have to do that too HAHA

A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!



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