Taming Your Tresses With Denman

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're standing in the hairbrush aisle of your drugstore and think, what shape or size would be ideal for my hair type? How can I be sure that I'm using the right one for my hair? When it comes to hairbrushes, I have tried so many different ones, basically everything that says "detangles" on it would find it's way into my basket. My hair is long and fine, but I have lots of it so it seems quite thick and it easily becomes tangled. Especially after every hair wash, I’m left with a knotted mess which is a total nightmare to detangle. Sounds familiar? Well, here's a solution for you!
I've been trying the new Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra* (£11.50) and it's actually great for a couple of reasons. It's flexible bristles help detangle my hair without breaking it and it's brilliant for the ladies with fine hair like myself. This brush is very gentle and works through knots without snapping fine strands.
Alternating with long and short nylon bristles which are flexible attached to an air cushioned base, the Tangle Tamer feels incredibly comfortable on the scalp and glides through my hair without any pulling. Can we please also appreciate that it comes with a handle? That makes it so much easier to work with! Anyways, I've noticed that it makes my hair SO shiny and soft after every use and I find that my hair actually stays detangled for a really long time! Apparently it's also great for wigs and extensions, so that's awesome too!
Now what do you think? Have you tried the new Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra? If not, I highly recommend giving it a try - it's definitely worth it!
*PR Sample

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