Summer Lush Haul

You may already know that I'm a huge Lush fan, so once again, I couldn't resist picking up a few new bits and old favourites last time I was out shopping with my best friend. I adore their bath bombs and bubble bars and I had hardly any left at home so this Lush trip was essential!

Avobath -  I'm a lover of citrus scents so this bath bombs is definitely a winner for me! It smells so fresh like lemongrass and although the scent is very powerful, it's not too overwhelming. Because of the avocado in it, it's very soothing to my skin . It melts into the water quickly and leaves the water (and my skin) unbelievably silky. Perfect bath bomb for summer!

Dragon's Egg - This is one of my favourite bath bombs, it's got a creamy white outer layer and a bright orange fizzer inside with a gold center. The bath water turns orange with gold shimmer and the scent is an uplifting citrus like Avobath but more floral-y and sweet. It takes a really long time to fizz away and it's so lovely to watch.

Pop In The Bath - I'm a huge fan of floral scents and this bubble bar smells divine! A beautiful, floral, citrus scent that stays on my skin afterwards. Very soothing and relaxing. It makes a ton of bubbles and they also last for a really long time. You only need very little to make a lot of bubbles, so this one lasts for about 3-4 baths! Also, can we just appreciate how adorable this looks?

Sex Bomb - One of my favourite bath bombs from Lush! It smells so good like fresh flowers, very sexy and feminine. Once you place it in the bath it releases flower petals and turns the water a gorgeous bright pink colour. The scent is very strong, I however love it because I adore floral scents. It's perfect especially after a long stressful day at work where I just want to come home and relax in a warm bath. If this doesn't put you in a great mood, I don't know what will! This bath bomb does stains the tub a little bit, but it's an easy clean!

Space Girl -  This is such a fun and colourful bath bomb! I really enjoy the scent too, very sweet and I think it kinda smells like marshmallows, but maybe that's just me. It does change the waters color a little bit - giving it a purple-ish blue tint with glitter. It doesn't really create bubbles and it fizzes away very quickly, however I love how soft and smooth my skin feels afterwards!

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