Stay Home + Make Something

Each year, Emma and I take some time to evaluate A Beautiful Mess … where we are, what’s working and what we want to improve or evolve.

This year, we were looking at our business: the blog, social channels, our team, our day-to-day work. And the truth is we have a lot of different things we love! And to us they all go together, but it also occurred to us that maybe we needed to make this more clear to you all. To us, the thing that ties all of our work together is that it’s all about creating a happier life every day. And, for most of us, a lot of that time is at home! So we want to lean in to the homemade aspect of what we do and hopefully encourage you to enjoy a little homemade happiness too.

We are making "Stay home + make something" our mission statement. We’d love to encourage you to make something like:

Bake some cookies.
Sew a skirt, or a quilt, or a pillow.
Make your first weaving.
Take a beautiful photo.
Write a blog.
Mix a cocktail.
Braid your hair (or your daughter’s).
Decorate your space.

Emma and I grew up spending a lot of time at home making stuff. Our parents always encouraged us to get creative and just have fun making things, no matter our age or skill level. Ha. Actually our mom wrote a beautiful post last year about raising creativity you can read here. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve realized that the role of making things has helped us grow as individuals. It has taught us confidence, the importance of hard work, working through mistakes or failures, and that being yourself (being unique, because we all are) is valuable. Taking time to make things and express yourself as an adult is no different—plus it’s FUN! No matter if you’re a professional artist or consider yourself the least creative person in the world, we hope that A Beautiful Mess will inspire and encourage you to stay home and make something.

We are excited to share more of what this means to us as the months go on. We’re proud homebodies … Homebodies for life! xx

Credit//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Darling Juliet. Edited with A Color Story filters.




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