Starting Your Day Right With Lemon Water

Toxins are literally everywhere in our environment, even in a lot of makeup or skincare products we use on a daily basis. As we all know, our skin is the first thing to start showing the buildup of these toxins - sh*t - I know. So, beautiful, glowing skin is what we all want right? Lemon water is a great method for detoxifying our body and improving the skin, I drink a glass of lemon water almost every morning and I can definitely tell a difference in the appearance of my skin, not only does it taste heavenly and is very refreshing, drinking lemon water has loads of amazing health benefits. Lemons are packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and fiber. The only downside is, lemon juice can be really harsh on the enamel of our teeth, so it has to be mixed with water!

01. Boosts Immune System and Cleanses
Lemon water flushes out all the bad toxins and excess waste in our body. You'll also find that lemons help to stimulate the liver and helps to dissolve various poisons.

02. Reduces Inflammation
Vitamin C displays great anti-inflammatory properties. One of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water is that it helps to reduce inflammation and calms irritations.

03. Promotes Healing and Clears Skin
Vitamin C promotes wound healing and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury. I also find that it helps to ease sore muscles after workout! Lemon water also helps to purge toxins from the blood, helping to keep skin clear of blemishes.

04. Maintains pH Balance
Lemon water is also an effective way to restore your body's pH level. A proper pH balance helps in nutrient absorption, digestion and toxin elimination.

05. Beneficial for your Hair
Apart from maintaining skin health, lemon water also helps in treating and preventing hair problems like dandruff and dry hair. Its antibacterial properties fight bacteria, while preventing several scalp issues.

Now, I love drinking lemon water! I actually enjoy the taste over plain water, especially in the mornings, so what do you think?

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