Sew Your Own Fabric Laundry Basket

Anything is cuter than dirty clothes strewn across the room, but this canvas laundry bag is making my life much easier! Simply having a designated dirty clothes spot makes a world of difference when it comes to everyone’s socks ending up in the same location. So after tackling this basket for my daughter’s room, I’ve got to pump out one for each of my sons. They’ll stand upright (for the most part) but can also be hung on a doorknob, thanks to two sturdy handles. Those handles also mean there’s no reason that all of that laundry can’t get hauled to the actual washing machine by someone other than yourself! Well, unless it’s your laundry bag … then I can’t help you.

Pick out your favorite cotton print and pair it with a thick canvas or duck cloth to make sure your laundry bag is vibing with the rest of your decor or get artistic and add your own textile print with fabric paint. If you’re brand new to sewing, you should be able to knock out this project. If you’re already pretty familiar with your machine, you’ll have it done in no time!

1.25 yard printed cotton fabric (outer shell)
-1.25 yard matching canvas fabric (inner shell)
-1 yard of 1.5″ cotton webbing for handle
-17″ circular object to use as template (or two pencils and a string to make a compass)
-iron and ironing board
-straight pins
-measuring tape
-sewing machine
-cotton thread

Step One: Find something to use as a template to create a 17″ circle on both your cotton print fabric and your canvas fabric. If you have a tray or the top of a planter, you’re in luck! Otherwise, you can use the trick we all learned in junior high for creating a circle using two pencils and a string (makeshift compass).

Step Two: Trace around your templates and cut out both circles.

Step Three: Cut out one rectangle from your printed fabric and another from your canvas fabric that each measure 24″ x 34″.

Step Four: Pin the short ends of your printed canvas fabric to each other with right sides facing each other. Repeat this process with the short ends of your canvas fabric (which has no right sides).

Step Five: Stitch along the pinned edge of your printed canvas so that your stitches are about 1/4″ from the edge. Backstitch the beginning and end to secure things. Repeat on the canvas fabric. These will each create a tube.

Step Six: Pin the printed cotton fabric circle to one end of your tube as shown. Pinning every inch will allow you to create a smooth circular base. Repeat the process with the canvas tube and the canvas circle.

Step Seven: Stitch around the perimeter of your circular base so that your stitches are about 1/4″ from the edge. Repeat the process with the canvas pieces.

Step Eight: Now we’re going to join the printed cotton piece with the canvas piece. Find the seam on each tube and match them up so that the right sides of each piece are facing each other. Pin together. You’ll want to fold the canvas tube inside out so that the printed tube fits snugly inside. This will allow you to stitch them together.

Step Nine: Stitch the two pieces of fabric together from the seam, all the way around the edge but stop about five inches from where you started. You’ll need an opening so you can turn everything right side out. Once you’ve finished stitching, pull the printed fabric piece out of the canvas piece. This will show you your opening.

Step Ten: Turn the whole piece right side out and then tuck the canvas piece inside the printed piece to create your laundry basket shape. Make sure the seam at the top where the two pieces of fabric meet is neat and tidy and iron it flat. You can pin it together for this next piece or not but you’ll want to stitch along that perimeter, about 1/4″ from the edge, to keep things in place. Then measure down about 1″ from where you stitched and add another line of stitching.

Step Eleven: Cut two 17″ pieces from your cotton webbing for handles. Fold the end of each piece back about 1″ and stitch down for a clean end. Make sure you fold these ends on the same side of the webbing.

Then place your first handle on the outside of your laundry basket so that the folded ends are equally about 3″ below the top of your basket edge and with about 1.5″ of a gap in between them. Pin in place as shown. Repeat with the other handle on the opposite side of your basket.

Step Twelve: Stitch a box with an ‘X’ shape in it on both folded ends to secure them to your laundry basket. Remove pins and repeat on the other handle. Fold the top edge of your basket over and find the perfect spot for it! I find hanging it from a doorknob works for those who enjoy a challenge when shooting their dirty socks through the air. This cute fabric is linked in the supplies and it also comes in a blue/gray cactus color. If you’re into minimalist design, go with solid colors or match your fabrics and your handle.The handles make it easy to tote your laundry basket to the closest laundromat or bring it home to mom’s for the weekend if you’re not yet a proud owner of your own washer and dryer. Ha! The best part is that you can toss this laundry basket in the wash any time those stinky socks sit at the bottom a few days too many and it’ll be good as new. – Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel Denbow and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with ACS for Desktop actions.

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