Oui Fresh Happy Mail — May Unboxing

Hey friends! Welcome to the May edition of Happy Mail—we’re delving into a different color palette than you’ve seen the last few months. Our team has been heavily influenced by the warmer + more pastel side of things since we relaunched in February, and May sees a much more vibrant and bold palette with cooler colors sprinkled in— as well as some really beautiful new illustration styles. Also, we’re introducing STICKERS to the mix this month, and a super cool weekly planner notepad that is a free gift for anyone who subscribes before 5/19, while supplies last. If you’re a current subscriber, we made enough to put in your kits, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and would never leave you loyal babes out of these fun extras!

This month’s featured artist is the incredible Miami-based Black Lamb Studio. We are absolutely smitten with this piñata card! Inside, it says "fiesta forever"—how cute?! Could be used for so many different happy occasions.

Loving this retro 8×10 art print. It’s pretty and feminine, yet paired with a quintessential Dazed and Confused moment—kind of perfect.

This congrats card is one of my personal favorites this month. It has pretty gold foil and that purple envelope is choice. I love it contrasted with that hint of mustard and light blue in some of those shapes.

A closer look at the weekly notepad (it’s sticky, so you can put it on your desk, wall, wherever!). These weekly planners are awesome because you can include your appointments/calls/etc., and just a quick glance will remind you of what you have going on.

And of course, stickers are back this month! These are illustrated and match some of the cute cards this month, like the flowers in the girl on a bike’s basket—just darling! 

This birthday card that is so cheeky and fun. I LOVE the color palette and graphics! Like, SO MUCH.

So to recap for May, we’ve got foil cards, an art print, stickers, a postcard, and a great variety of cards (thank yous, birthdays, you name it, we’ve got it). As always, once the kits expire, they’re gone, so be sure to sign up soon—and of course, if you sign up before 5/19 you get your free gift, that cutie pie weekly planner notepad! It has 15 pages so it will last you a little over three months. Click here to sign up!


Keely + Team Oui Fresh

Credits// Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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