Oui Fresh Beauty Box – March Unboxing

Happy almost spring, citizens of Babetown! This month’s beauty box has an $84 value, two full-sized products and is a great mix of skincare, makeup and wellness. Last month, we sold through our open subscription spots quicker than we ever have (just hours!), so click here to sign up before we sell out again! We have another featured artist this month by way of photographer Anna Reynal, who contributed this awesome Color Cloud print—her work is so bright and cheery and you can find her on Instagram @annareynal for a dose of color! Here’s what’s in this month’s box …

Herbal Detox Mask by 100% Pure – (Value $15)

I’m super into this mask because it’s detoxifying without being drying—a tough combo to find. I love that this mask uses rose hydrosol in place of regular boring water (sorry water). Hydrosol is the aqueous byproduct—almost like an infused water—that’s produced while distilling a plant, so it has an extra soothing element since rose is great for sensitive skin. I use this as a spot treatment when I have breakouts and on my nose and chin twice a week to help curb blackheads. But I do use it on my entire face about once every 10 days or so and I really like the results. Anyone could probably use this on their entire face a few times a week; this regimen is just a personal preference for me. The mask smells great and to find a detox mask that’s gentle enough to be used a few times a week is rock solid.

Brightening Scrub + Mask by 100% Pure – (Value $15)

SCRUBS. Unlike TLC, I do want them, but I don’t want abrasive ones. Up until a few years ago, I wanted the most scratchy, scrubby scrubs I could find, you know what I’m saying? Then I wised up. I found out scrubs that have coarser textures (think ground nut shells, etc.) can create micro tears in your skin that leave them susceptible to bacteria (breakouts), not to mention scarring. So when you come across a gentle scrub like this one, love it and appreciate it! It may not seem like it’s "doing the most" like your gravel scrubs used to do, but trust me, these sweet little jojoba beads are putting in the work. This scrub also doubles as a mask treatment and works to brighten your complexion by using fruit and other natural acids to slough away dullness (natural chemical exfoliants). Get glowing, baby!

Firm + Lift Treatment Mask by The Seaweed Bath Co. – (Value $6)

The first time I tried this sheet mask, I immediately loved it for the scent alone. While this can definitely be used as an anti-aging treatment, it’s incredible for any skin type. I was shocked by how this mask felt while it was processing based on the results I got. It was SO soothing but I really felt like my skin was ‘activated’ after I removed the mask (I did use my jade roller to roll over the mask as well). Usually when I get this firmness after a mask, I feel a tingle or even a slight burn during use, but the serum is a full on cooling sensation. This mask is such a relaxing experience and I always enjoy it so much. As someone with sensitive skin, I have to be really careful using masks and treatments before events or things I want my skin to look good for, so it’s nice to have a mask I can confidently use to give a boost to my skin without worrying about redness.

Créme de la Creme Eye Shadow in ‘Palma’ by Au Naturale – (Value $24)

Creme eyeshadow is an awesome product no matter what your skill level of makeup artistry, but I think it’s especially great for those that aren’t super confident with eyeshadow application or only like to apply one color of eyeshadow. This one from Au Naturale is a really exquisite formula and doesn’t crease. Palma, the shade we’ve included, is a forgiving shimmery gold and you cannot mess up the application. I like to use my finger to apply stick products anywhere other than lips, as it gives better pressure and placement control. I just pick some up on my middle finger and blend gently over my lid, putting a higher concentration of product closer on my crease and tapering up toward my brow, and making sure to hit the inner corner of my eye for an all over ethereal shimmer. I’m really excited to collect more colors from Au Naturale, these eye shadows have become a new favorite for me.

Hydrating Lip Gloss in ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by Oui Fresh – (Value $18)

Everyone freaked out over Cosmic Brownie when it landed in the December box, so we knew we had to bring back another lip gloss! Bye Bye Bye is a neutral cutie named after the iconic *NSYNC bop, and probably the only color my mom would have deemed acceptable for me to wear when "Bye Bye Bye" was on the radio because of its demure, yet classic status. Full circle, honey. Our lip glosses have attained a rep that we’re super proud of. We have converted "non-lip gloss people" due to the hydrating nature of this formula without the sticky feeling that some dislike SO much. We give you the shine without the whine, if you will.Pulling Oil Fresh Packs by Masigi – (Value $6)

If you’re not familiar with oil pulling, it’s the practice of swishing coconut oil and is super beneficial for drawing out toxins from your body and overall mouth health. It’s kind of like mouthwash but natural and way more comprehensive. The first time I tried these packs, I was instantly hooked—the addition of mint essential oils made pulling a lot more enjoyable (I had tried it several times before and just couldn’t get into it, now I LOVE it!), and the way these are portioned into perfect little packs made me realize I was probably swishing way too big of an amount before. It is so easy to just grab one of these in the morning, swish for five minutes, and spit. Your mouth feels so, so fresh after! (Make sure you’re spitting into the trash or outside, as build up of coconut oil can be rough on your plumbing over time.)

There you have it! There really is nothing better than having a variety of new beauty products to try as the seasons are changing, and this box is perfect in that regard. As always, this box sells out quickly and we have some AMAZING things on the horizon. Don’t miss out, just go ahead and sign up. You’ll be so glad you did.

xo! Keely, Elsie, Emma + Team Oui Fresh

Credits://Author and Photography: Keely Ruse. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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