my hair mvps and how they help me maintain a healthy mane.

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My hair you guys… has been a thorn in my side since puberty when it turned curly and frizzy. I wish I had learned early on not to be constantly at war with my hair, but the journey to try control it has actually led me to discover some really great hair products and some practices that have made my life so much easier and my hair so much more healthy and manageable. Today I’m going to share my hair MVP’s (most valuable products), and why I love them.

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I like to pick up most of my hair care (and frankly a lot of my beauty) products at Nordstrom because they carry my favorites (that are hard to find other places, I’m looking at you Moroccanoil), offer free shipping and have a huge variety of high quality brands and products. Plus I love that my shampoo purchase goes towards my rewards…;-) So let’s talk my favorite products.

Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner.

The first thing you should know (if you don’t already) is that I only wash my hair once a week. I had to train my hair to get to this point, but it is so much better for your hair to wash less often, and it’s way more convenient. Success with spreading out your hair washes depends entirely on how and what products you use to wash your hair as well as what you use on it after.

Right now, I wash my hair with Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. I switch up my shampoos every few months to avoid buildup and usually oscillate between Moroccanoil and Living Proof. (You can get both at Nordstrom.) I wash my hair twice (first to get rid of products, second for the natural oils), then condition once, avoiding my roots. I love Moroccanoil shampoo because it really helps with frizz and it smells amazing. Like, AH-MAZING.

Click here to learn more about how I trained my hair.

drybar brush. dry bar liquid glass.

The next product I use is newer to me and it’s another life-changing discovery. This Liquid Glass from Drybar gets applied every 2nd to 3rd wash and has made combatting frizz so much easier. It basically creates a protective seal around your hair locking out humidity and making it smoother. It’s magic.

drybar dry shampoo. drybar dry conditioner.

On non-wash days, these two are my best friends… particularly that Dry conditioner. Lifesaver for my ends. This drybar dry shampoo I love because it doesn’t make my brown hair look like its going gray and it’s super light. The dry conditioner gets applied to the ends of my hair and keeps them from getting dry and brittle.

One of the times your hair is most prone to damage is when it’s being brushed, which means finding the right detangled, that is effective but also gentle on your hair is crucial. This drybar brush is the best one I’ve found yet. The bristles are soft and flexible, never pulling my hair but get tangles out really nicely. And it’s the only brush where Ava doesn’t whine about me brushing her hair.

money maker flexible hold spray.

On days when I curl my hair this Drybar flexible holding spray is money (pun intended.). It’s light and moveable, not sticky but helps keep the curls in all day. Also, it smells so good.

T3 Curling iron.

Lastly, my beloved T3 curling iron. This is the best curling iron I have ever owned. I used to think that it didn’t matter what kind of curling iron you use as long as it gets your hair curled, but its actually really important to use the right curling iron to avoid damaging your hair. The ceramic barrel glides smoothly across hair and the single pass technology gets you even heat and quick healthy styling. And I know this sounds funny, but I love the long cord. Hair tool cords are never long enough and this one is 9 feet!

Nordstrom has some fun virtual beauty events this month and tomorrow is their Love your hair virtual Event! You can register for it here!

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This post was created in partnership with Nordstrom.

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