my fall porch.

dried foliage wreath.

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Happy Thursday guys! I’m so excited to share my fall porch with you this season, and it’s extra special because this year, I grew all my own pumpkins! Decorating for fall is always a bright spot in October because fall is my favorite season and I finally get to see the fruits of my summer labor in my pumpkin patch.

I love using funky pumpkins with lots of character and muted colors on my fall porch, so this year I grew several species, so I could get a nice variety of greens and muted orangey-pinks. I love the way they contrast off the leaves that have fallen from our trees.

Mums are always a staple in my fall porch and although you can’t tell (these haven’t started blooming just yet), these ones will be a brilliant orange. I also placed a few heads of kale in there as well and I love the texture they add. I can pretty much always find kale and mums at the grocery store so they are easy to find, and affordable. Although this year I bought my mums from a local farm.

For the door I went with a dried foliage wreath that is so pretty and I love how it pops against the black door. I’m really into these dried wreaths I’ve been seeing for the last couple years. This is my second one and I think this trend it here to stay for me. You can find amazing dried wreaths below!

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I’m so happy I get to enjoy this pretty fall porch for the next couple months and I’m excited to harvest the seeds at the end of the season so I can grow them all over again next year!

Happy Fall!

Here’s how my fall mantel looked last year!

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