my activewear capsule.

running shorts. tank. sports bra. Adidas sneakers. socks. water bottle. watch.

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When it comes to activewear I’m pretty basic.  The way I see it, the simpler I keep it, the greater likelihood or success when it comes to getting my workouts done.  I don’t really want to be creative with my activewear, I don’t want to have to think about it in the morning, I want to get up, throw on workout clothes that work well and make me feel great, and just go.  Having a simple neutral activewear capsule makes it easy to do that. (It also streamlines the laundry process as well…)  I also like my activewear to be good quality and affordable, and I’ve found some real winners.  Here’s my complete activewear capsule. Below I will break down the MVP’s and why I love them.


white ribbed tanks. henley tanks. zip up hoodie. sports bras. running shorts. leggings. nylon hair bands. Garmin smartwatch. ankle socks. Adidas swift run shoes. insulated water bottle.

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Workout tanks:

I’m pretty basic when it comes to workout tanks and mostly stick to two styles of workout tanks, these ribbed tanks from old navy and these henley tanks from aerie.  Both are super comfy, low-key and a great price.  The ribbed tanks come in packs of three and are a great value.  I love the detail on the henley tanks, and both are soft, lightweight and wash well.

Running shorts:

My all-time favorite running shorts are these dolphin hem ones from old navy.  When it comes to activewear, if I find something that works I stick to it like glue and these running shorts are no exception.  I own 4 pairs of the black color alone, and they work like a charm for me.  Here’s why I love them: they are comfortable, so great for running, quick drying and moisture wicking, have the built-in briefs, and are tag free.  They’re great running shorts at a great price for under $20.

Sports Bras:

I keep it simple of sports bras as well and you will start to see a theme here, I really like Old Navy’s activewear line (with the exception of their leggings- I’ll tell you where my allegiance lies on that in a second), but their sports bras are as good as their running shorts.  Comfy, supportive and soft.  They even break down the support level, so you can decide based on what you need.  Super helpful.  I usually buy the "light" support bras because I have a very small chest and they’re perfect for me, and once again, a great price.


I love Aerie leggings for working out.  They are seriously so good, soft, comfortable and flattering.  These Aerie real me play leggings are my favorites (are so similar to the LuluLemon aligns, for a fraction of the price, and they don’t pill), plus they come in short lengths so they actually work for petite ladies and fit exactly as they should.  I’ve yet to find a legging I love more.

Adidas Swift run sneakers:

This is my second pair of swift run sneakers and I’m pretty devoted.  I love Adidas sneakers.  They are great for running in, and I love that the tongue is attached, it makes them so much more comfortable.  They’re sleek and lightweight and they look great working out or wearing with jeans.


My Garmin vivomove sport smartwatch is a huge MVP of this capsule.  This smartwatch is so awesome.  First of all, you would NEVER know it’s a smartwatch by looking at it, but it tracks my runs, heart rate, steps, floors climbed, I can check my emails, texts, control the music on my phone, you name it.  It helps me stay motivated and accountable and I swear I run faster when I’m wearing it.  The silicone band is super comfy, and easy to clean, so it’s perfect for working out.  You can read a full watch review here.

Hair bands:

These nylon hair bands are life-changing if you have thick hair.  They hold my hair so well, without breakage and have seriously reduced my ponytail headaches.

Ankle socks:

I know it seems silly, but a slump sock can ruin a run, am I right?  These H&M ankle socks come in large packs, never seem to stretch out and are great for running in! Plus they’re only $10 for a pack of 7.

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