My 3 favorite infused water recipes.

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Drinking enough water is really important for your health for a number of reasons which is why I try to get at least 1/2 of my body weight in ounces everyday (even more when I’m working out).  But it is so hard to do, mostly because water tastes like, well water.  I started infusing my water with fruits, veggies, and herbs years ago and it has been my secret weapon for getting enough water everyday.  And bonus, its a great way to help kids drink more water too.  In fact, my kids take don’t take juice or soda to school, instead they take water infused with fruit.  I’m so glad we’ve been able to cut out all the sugary drinks, and that my kids are in the habit of drinking water first. Infused water is what has made that possible.

So I thought it would be fun to share my 3 favorite infused water recipes with you all today…  These are super easy to make, take about 2 minutes each and make water taste so yummy and refreshing.

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Okay, now let’s get to the recipes!  First off, you’ll want to thoroughly wash all the fruit/herbs you are using.  And for the best results I recommend letting the water infuse for 2-4 hours before drinking.  I don’t like keeping infused water in my fridge for more than 24 hours (but honestly, it’s always gone before then anyway.)

#1 Strawberries and Basil.

This is my favorite infused water combination.  It has a distinctly Italian feel to it (thank you basil) and it’s just so fresh and delicious.  This combination also offers immune support, as strawberries are rich in vitamin c and basil is anti-inflammatory.

#2 Citrus and Rosemary.

This is another favorite because it’s got a great tangy flavor.  The orange really plays off the rosemary to make a surprisingly satisfying combination.  This combo is also energizing, helps improve digestion, is anti-inflamatory and has lots of vitamin C for immune support.

#3 Honeydew and Cantaloupe.

I love this combo so much, the honeydew makes the water so sweet and I love the combination of the two melons.  Honeydew is also a great anti-inflammatory.  (Are we seeing a trend here.)

So there you go!  My three favorite infused water recipes, and bonus, they all make water even more healthy.

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