my #1 tool for working from home effectively.

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Bose 700 Noise cancelling headphones.

Can I get a raise of hands from everyone who’s had a major adjustment period, learning to live and function with all your family members home 24/7 over the past three months?  We found out a couple weeks ago that my husband will be continuing to work from home until at least September, and our kids are almost out for the summer.  Working from home with all our kids home too will be the reality for most of 2020.

 Last month, I wrote a post sharing my top 9 tips for working from home more effectively.  I’ve been working from home (with kids in tow) for almost a decade and I’ve learned a lot about how to make that work for me.  Working from home is a whole different animal than working outside of it.  There are so many distractions, it can be hard to stay focused, and motivated, and if you are a parent, trying to multitask parenting with also getting work done, can be a little daunting.  Once all my kids were in school, working from home got much easier, but I still had to stick to my routines and tricks to stay focused and on task.  And then the pandemic hit.  And suddenly all four of my kids were back at home all day doing school from home, and with my husband also working from home being able to focus and work became an even bigger challenge.

Today I want to share the #1 tool I use for working at home more effectively, my Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones, why I love them and how they help me focus, get stuff done and take a break now that our home is also our office, classroom, gym, restaurant, movie theater… you get the picture.

First of all, let’s talk about why I love these headphones:

They are super comfortable to wear.

I hate when I’m wearing headphone and my ears start to hurt.  These are so comfortable to wear.  They cover your entire ear and the cushioning is so soft, they’re a really comfortable wear even when I have them on for several hours.  The headband also has a nice cushion on them as well, so their comfortable all around.

The sound is amazing.

  Bose is famous for their sound quality and there is a reason why.  It’s incredible.  The sound on these headphones is amazing.  Whether I’m listening to music, an audio book or a podcast, I feel like I’m actually in the recording studio with them.  The sound is rich and immersive.  Let’s just say Coldplay has never sounded better.

You can control the level of your noise cancellation.

This is for sure my favorite feature, especially as a mom.  There are times when I need to cancel out all the noise, when I need to focus on my work or meditate and there are times when I want to still be able to hear my kids but I also listen to a podcast or a book.  By pushing the button on the left-hand headphone you can control the level of noise cancelling up to full noise cancelling (and believe me when I say you cannot hear ANYTHING), partial noise cancelling, or no noise cancelling if you just want some really great headphones but you still want to hear what’s happening around you.  It’s awesome.

They’re easy and intuitive to use.

These are so easy to set up and even easier to use.   With the Bose app, syncing your device is so easy and you can manage your sound and music settings to your preferences.  They have google and Alexa built in, and I love the easy to use controls.  Simply swiping and tapping the right headphone lets you control sound and move between songs, and it’s super intuitive.   I love using them for business calls as well because the unrivaled four-microphone system picks up your voice while cancelling out the noise around you.  So helpful now that there’s pretty much always a kid making noise, playing an instrument or just stomping up the stairs any time I am in a meeting. I’m also able to add new features and functioning over
time by simply updating the software.

How I use them to focus, get stuff done and take a break.

When I sit down to work everyday the first thing I do, is pull up a great playlist, set my noise cancelling to 5 and put on these headphones.  Nothing helps me focus as quickly or work more effectively.  I even set my phone across the room so it’s not a temptation to loose focus.  And because I can easily control volume, noise cancelling and even answer calls right from the headphones, I never have to touch my phone.

Music has always been a huge motivator for me.  When my kids were young and I was exhausted from picking up after them, I’d throw on some fun music, pump myself up and get it done.  I work so much better, whether it’s on my business or just doing dishes with a soundtrack.  I also love to do menial tasks while listening to books and podcasts.  It makes the task so much more enjoyable and since I can control the noise cancellation I can still hear my kids while I listen.

I think we can all agree that after living in a pandemic, we could use a few minutes to just check out and take a break everyday.  These headphones help me do that.  I put them on full noise cancelling whenever I feel like I’m maxed out, turn on relaxing music, and meditate while breathing deeply, it makes a huge difference and helps me to not burn out.

With Father’s Day coming up, these headphones would make a great gift.  In fact, my husband loves these so much he keeps stealing them from me, looks like I’ll have to get him a pair of his own.  To snag a pair of these amazing headphones for yourself, or grab some for your guy for Father’s Day, click here.

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