Life Lately: Flowers and Puppies

Aloha everybody, I though I'd give you a little insight into my life and what I've been up to lately. I haven't written one of those blog posts in ages! So, to begin with, I haven't left my house in 5 days and I have a feeling that this won't change in the next few days. (I'm so interesting, right?) I can claim my award for he clumsiest, most accident-prone kid in the world. This time, I stumbled over my 2kg weights in the middle of the night and sprained my toe - does this count as a sports injury? Anyways I can't walk properly and it hurts so bad! At least I've got two weeks off work - there's always a positive side right?

I also got a new camera! I upgraded to the Canon 70D and I'm absolutely obsessed/in love with this camera! It's so much more fun to film videos and take pictures now. I used to take my photos with the Canon 600D (still a really good camera) but I wasn't happy with the quality of my videos and photos anymore so, I "splurged" and finally bought it a couple weeks ago. I'm getting really into YouTube lately, especially since I bought the camera, I can't wait to film more makeup tutorials, lookbooks and routine videos, as they're my favourites to watch! What types of videos do you like? I personally can't get enough of Morning/Night Routines and "Get Ready With Me's". 

The weather's been absolutely splendid the past few days, so, of course I had to take photos of pretty flowers and my little puppie Emma! She's just the cutest little being. Lastly, I booked a flight to France in July *whoop* *whoop* I'm so excited to go on holiday! I'm gonna be filming loads of Summer/Holiday themed videos around this time so I'm looking forward to making those :)

What have you guys been up to lately? Any plans for the Summer yet?

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