January Bullet Journal Spread for 2019

Today’s blog post features my January bullet journal spread for 2019! I am trying to broaden my creativity through this year’s spread and I really hope you all enjoy going through them with me. Or even better, maybe I can motivate you to create your own journal or inspire your next spread!

January Monthly Spread

I tried to stay more on the minimalistic for the entire January bullet journal spread. For my monthly spread I included the January calendar with important dates and to-do’s for the month. To the left, I left a lil’ notes section to remind myself of tasks and upcoming events or if I need a place to jot down something. On the bottom, I reserved a space for my blog post ideas for the rest of the month!

January Habit & Mood Trackers

This is the spread that I really tried to get out of my comfort zone. If you’ve seen my other bullet journal posts, I usually put these onto one page and shade in boxes (see example here). But I tried to tap into my creative side by attempting my calligraphy skills and doodling ahah.

So for my habit trackers, I divided them up into different boxes for each habit that I want to track with the entire calendar dates within. This way, I can go through each day and shade in the days where I completed the habits. Some habits I am tracking this month are working on the blog, checking my blog email, going to the gym, reading and meditating!

And if I had to pick one page that was my favorite thus far, this month’s mood tracker has to be it! It was super easy and fast to create! This is where I attempted my calligraphy and doodling skills with the cups. I thought it was a nice change to have something more visually fun to look at, which can motivate me to actually come in every month to fill it out. The idea for the cups is each day I will fill in the "liquid" in the cup based on how I feel (key at bottom of the page).

January Expenses Tracker

The most helpful spread has to be my expenses tracker every month. I like to keep track of everything I spend in one place so I can refer back to it for budgeting the following month. I divided it up based on method of payment: credit cards, debit card and cash. At the end, I like to have a section to total it all up and divide my expenses into specific categories. This way, I will know where I need to cut down!

January Weekly Spread

I have the same schedule pretty much day to day during the week due to work so I find that running to-do lists are easier to keep up with and maintain. I break up the page into the right and left. On the left, I initial the days of the week and use dots to signify which day I want to complete the task/event. And all the corresponding tasks go to the right! After completing, I just need to check it off – easy peasy!


That completes my January bullet journal spread! I hope you enjoyed and I would love to see your journal this month!

A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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