How to Swap to Natural Cleaning Products

Almost three years ago, I began my own "journey" to reduce the number of harmful ingredients in my makeup, skincare and cleaning products in our home. I started small and swapped one thing at a time. Today, I want to share a guide for anyone looking to create a cleaner, greener home in small steps.

This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative, a website that sells natural cleaning products and personal care items. I have been trying it out for the past few months and have found a lot of new favorite products that I’ve never been able to find locally. At the bottom of this post, I’ll share a special freebie that Grove has for you, too!Here are my three tips for getting started with swapping to natural cleaning products: 

1. Stop buying any products that have artificial fragrance (if you check the ingredients and it says ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum,’ it’s probably an artificial fragrance). This small step completely changed my life.

When you see ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ on a label, this ingredient isn’t just one ingredient used to make your product smell nice or to mask less desirable scents. It can act as way for companies to use other additives that don’t need to be disclosed on the label. When tested, among these "hidden chemicals" are known hormone disruptors, petrochemicals, and many haven’t even been assessed for safety in personal care products. This is known by the industry as "the fragrance loophole," because fragrance is a protected ingredient for proprietary reasons and the details don’t need to be disclosed on the label. Looking for products that are scented with essential oils or with an asterisk by ‘fragrance’ that says something like ‘proprietary blend of essential oils’ is a great way to start.

Bottom line, swapping to cleaning products that are unscented or naturally scented using essential oils is the way to go!

2. Find your own go-to brands. I have found that choosing brands you like and trust is a shortcut to add new items to your routine without feeling like you have to fully research each purchase. In our home, most of my cleaning products are Seventh Generation and now Grove products.

I do the same thing with our skincare products and cosmetics. When I find a brand that is ingredient conscious across the board, I tend to become pretty loyal!

3. Swap one product at a time.

Don’t let yourself feel guilty or overwhelmed. Just swap one thing at a time as you run out of it! This was and is a huge key to my process. Even after three years, I am still making tweaks to the products we buy. And that’s OK!

I firmly believe it’s better to make small steps than no steps at all.

Above are some products I have tried and loved. You can find all of these products at this link. I make a lot of my own cleaning sprays, so these reusable bottles are amazing!I LOVE making my own cleaning sprays either with Grove’s cleaning concentrates or with castile soap and essential oils.

This bamboo brush that bubbles up is so great! You just add soap and water to the bottom of the container and it’s always ready to use.I want to take a minute to share some other things that I have loved from Grove as well (more in the personal care category). I love the brand babyganics (we use their wipes and their sunscreen as well). Finding clean products for Nova is something I am extremely passionate about. I was shocked to learn that many products made for kids and marketed as "gentle" have very bad scores (I use the Think Dirty app and the EWG website to score products). It freaked me out a bit, but I’ve since found so many amazing companies that make great products for kids! There’s a whole section on Grove for babies and kids.

Jeremy loves and uses this deodorant. I use this cleansing oil. I carry this hand sanitizer spray in my bag. And I absolutely love this sheet mask. I use this soap to add essential oils to my bubble baths in a safe way.If you would like to try any of these products from Grove Collaborative, you can use this link and you’ll get a free gift with any $20 purchase! There will be a few favorite items automatically added to your cart, but it’s completely editable and you can change anything you want! The free gift with your purchase includes everything you see above, a free Grove glass spray bottle, three Grove cleaning concentrates, (Glass/Tub & Tile/All Purpose) a two-pack microfiber cloth set and a two-month VIP trial with free shipping! 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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