How to Set up the Ultimate Airbnb Space

It seems like everyone you meet is talking about setting up an Airbnb these days. It’s a great way to turn a spare room into some extra income, or earn a little extra money while you’re traveling. It seems like every house I drive past here in Nashville has a separate attic apartment added onto their bungalow.

As a customer, I have stayed in many (many!) Airbnbs in addition to hotels over the past five years. I see some real advantages and I understand why so many people prefer them. In my life, there is definitely a place for both, but when we have our kiddo or dogs with us, we almost always choose a home above a hotel.

Today, I want to share some of my tips that I’ve learned as a host and as a customer for setting up the ultimate Airbnb space!

This post is sponsored by Brooklinen, a company we use and love! It’s great to be able to buy something like bedding online and be able to trust the quality without having to go to a store. In fact, this quilt is so cozy I was tempted to steal it for my own bed. High quality bedding is a HUGE part of setting up a comfortable space, since many guests will do very little more than sleep in your space. It’s the one aspect of the house that everyone cares about!

Here are my five tips!

Tip 1: Think practical. 

I am a person who loves art, little vintage finds, cute rugs and fancy espresso makers. I’m a detail person! But it’s important to remember that not everyone is. It’s important to remember that the decorations actually matter very little in comparison to the practical elements of the space. So nail down those first!

Here are few BIG ones that have made me CRAZY in past bnb stays when I couldn’t locate them.

-Wifi password … make it SO obvious and post it a few places.
-Spare towels and toilet paper. The essentials.
-A hair dryer (see below for the cute bag I found for mine!)
-Space to unpack bags and hang some things.
-Wine/bottle opener (lol … but seriously)

(Found these on Amazon—super functional since they make it so easy to find!)

A place to hang your clothes is an essential. It doesn’t have to be a full-size closet.

2. Decorate minimally. 

Obviously, I want my spaces to be cute enough for my guests to take an Instagram in. But there is no need to overdecorate and overfurnish. Keep it simple and sweet.

3. Splurge on nice bedding.  

There are so many things you can be thrifty with in a guest space, but I think it’s important to choose nice sheets, a quality mattress and good towels. Picking quality sheets can elevate the whole look and feel of your bedding. The sheets I picked from Brooklinen for this space are super cozy without being heavy, so guests will be comfortable regardless of the season they stay at the home. The comforter I picked is incredibly soft! Oh! And don’t forget a combination of soft and firm pillows.

Turning back the covers is such a nice touch! Bonus points if you leave chocolate or a nice note!

4. Minimize personal details and clutter. 

It’s weird staying in someone’s space with a ton of family photos everywhere. So keep it chill. And if you are renting out a room in your home (or your whole home), go through and minimize the personal clutter before your guests arrive. They will appreciate the gesture!

5. Most importantly … always sleep in a room before your guests do. 

You need to know about that weird creaky sound, or how hot it gets or if blackout curtains are necessary. Sleeping in the room helps you to remember little details like adding a night light to an area with stairs or buying black wash clothes for removing makeup.

Thank you Brooklinen for sponsoring this post! As an extra bonus they’ve created an ABM promo code! Just use ABM20 at checkout and you can get $20 off your $50 purchase plus free shipping. It makes me so happy to work with brands that produce super nice products like these!

If you have any additional tips about how to set up a comfy Airbnb, I would love to hear them!!!! xx. Elsie

Credits/Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.


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