Homeware Picks

Searching for affordable and cute homeware pieces is probably my favourite thing to do ever since I've set myself the task to redecorate my whole office. I just love searching online for new homeware - there are so many amazing online shops, I could spend my whole afternoon browsing through all the different homeware pieces and offers...

I knew exactly what colour scheme I wanted for my office, gold, copper and white! I love a clean look with a few metallic accents. Gold and copper also mix really well with other colours or patterns so there's always ways to alternate. I found this amazing copper basket at H&M Home the other day for only 10€, there’s quite a few different versions of these baskets and they all look super chic and cool. I use it for my little mini cacti I got from Ikea. They come in a set of three for 5€ so I picked up two different ones. They look so sweet and I love how they only require minimal maintenance. I'm the worst when it comes to keeping plants alive but I also wanted to inject some more green life into my office so cactuses are perfect for me. 

Metal Wire Basket - (10€)

What do you think of my picks?

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