Happy Birthday, Oui Fresh!

Tomorrow is the official birthday of Oui Fresh—she’s turning 2! (And yes, obviously she’s a girl.)

If you haven’t seen already, all this week we are celebrating by offering up some seriously bananas sales and giveaways. If you’re not already following @ouifresh on Instagram, you need to be or else you might miss out. And in addition to all the fun giveaways and sales this week, I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite products and things that have happened over the last two years with this little company of ours.

We offer a variety of things but probably our biggest passion is clean beauty. We developed our own line of natural lipsticks and lip glosses. And we’ll be launching a few new shades super soon! Not only are our lip products ultra moisturizing and free of nasty chemicals, they also feature names derived from our love of all things from the ’90s. Ha.

We also have our own line of essential oils. This is a product we are SUPER proud of as well as passionate about. You can read more about our essential oils on our FAQ page, and we aim to not only offer super high quality oils (in adorably designed bottles plus top stickers—whoa!), but we also are always looking to continue to create content on our site to help you better understand how to use and incorporate essential oils into your life. Check out some of the tutorials we’ve shared here.

Because we are so passionate about clean beauty we created the Oui Fresh Beauty Box. This is a monthly subscription that introduces customers to a wide variety of natural beauty products and companies. We’ve tried a lot of beauty boxes and we truly feel ours is something special. We know you agree because our beauty box has sold out every single month that we’ve offered it. Thank you! And be sure to follow along as we share the unboxing each month on Instagram Stories, hosted by our favorite Oui Fresh gal: Keely Rust. It’s a must see people!

We recently shared some behind-the-scenes business decisions we made about the box, which you can read more about here if you’re interested.

We are currently doing a super fun collaboration with our favorite clean beauty nail polish company: AILA. We launch an exclusive color (called Super Nova) in our box this month and we have a few more exclusives throughout the year. We also recently co-hosted an event with AILA’s founder, Dr. Cary Gannon (the coolest doctor we know!) in Nashville and it was SO fun to meet a bunch of you who came out. Oui Fresh doesn’t get to host a ton of events each year, but it’s always so special when we do—hopefully there will be more in the future.

And speaking of subscriptions, we also relaunched our well love stationery kit this year. Happy Mail got a little refresh and we’ve loved sharing this product with you every month!

One of our best-selling products is our Oui Fresh sunnies. They are currently available in four different colors and we LOVE seeing you all wearing them when you share pictures with us on Instagram. We will soon be launching a few new colors in the adult size … and yes, we will also be launching a toddler size too! As modeled here by Nova.

We also have lots of classic tees and sweatshirts. You can see all the apparel we currently have in stock here. And we’ll be launching two new designs super soon—we can’t wait to share more!

Thank you SO much for your support over the last two years. We have so much on the horizon for this part of our company and we cannot wait to share all the new plans and products with you this year! xo. Emma, Elsie + Team Oui Fresh

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