hannah’s curly hair method for encouraging curl and reducing frizz.

I’ve got a big treat for you today.  My cute Hannah is going to teach us her awesome curly hair method.  Hannah has beautiful, thick curly hair that has a tendency towards frizz, especially when it’s humid outside.  She’s been honing her curly hair method for the last couple of years and I love how she’s embraced her natural curl.
Today she’s going to teach you her super simple method for encouraging your curls, reducing frizz, and finishing off the style, so you get a gorgeous shiny head of curls in the least amount of time.
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First step to Hannah’s curly method, starts in the shower.  Shampoo your hair twice, (Hannah uses Kristen Ess’ the One) rinsing it out thoroughly after each lather.  Follow with conditioner (avoiding the scalp), Hannah uses The One conditioner as well.  After conditioning, while still in the shower, come through the hair using a wide tooth comb. (This is Hannah’s favorite wide tooth comb.)  Don’t brush your hair again after combing it out in the shower.
After towel drying your hair working from the bottom up apply a dime size amount of Elvive Frizz serum starting on the ends and avoiding the roots to your hair.  Once you’ve applied the hair serum it’s time to begin the hair scrunching process.
Using about a dime size amount of Kristen Ess’ Curl Defining Jelly at a time, tip your head to the side and "scrunch" the product into the hair.  This product is amazing.  It’s very lightweight, not sticky and the hair doesn’t end up feeling stiff of crunchy when you’re done.  It helps to nicely encourage the curls while reducing frizz and in the end you have soft, touchable curls. Scrunch the product into your hair, tipping your head to the side as you work around your head.  This makes it easier to scrunch the curl up to your scalp.  A little goes a long way with the curl jelly, but make sure you’ve covered your entire head of hair.
Once you’ve worked all the way around your head scrunching your hair, you are going to flip your hair over and scrunch again.  Flipping it over  and scrunching will help add volume to your roots and keep the hair from looking like it’s stuck to your head.
After doing the flip-scrunch, you’re going to let your hair air dry, continuing to scrunch it as it dries every few minutes.   Once it’s dry, there is one final step to finish it off.  This is our super secret trick for finishing off your hair and taking the curls to the next level.  You’re going to take a curling iron and fix a few key pieces around your head that are either frizzy or just flat.  There are usually only 3-4 pieces that Hannah fixes but it drastically reduces the look of frizz and makes the hair look finished.
Hannah uses a small curling iron because most of her curls are fairly tight, but if you have wavier hair, consider using a bigger barrel for a better fit. (I use a bigger barrel curling iron for my hair because it’s less curly and more wavy than Hannah’s.)
Once you’ve touched up a few curls toss your hair a bit at the roots to lift the volume again and you’re done!   If you have any questions about Hannah’s curly girl method, feel free to ask!
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