February Bullet Journal Spread for 2019

February is already upon us which means it’s time to share my February bullet journal spread! I put my doodling skills to the test this month with my trackers and mixed things with my weekly spreads. Hope these inspire you to create your own February bullet journal spreads!

Monthly Spread

Kept it super simple with a normal calendar spread but added some much needed color to my journal after months of no color. And of course, I went with the classic pink since it’s February! I left room on the side for some notes and random blog ideas that may pop up. I ended up loving the clean look of the spread.


This is where I got a little more creative! For my habit trackers, I decided to draw out lil’ doodles that corresponds with each habit. For blogging, I did a laptop, dumb-bell for gym, toothbrush for dental hygiene, and so on. Then on the next page, I did my mood tracker in hearts which was super simple. These two pages took the longest due to thinking of the ideas and then executing them.

Lastly, for my expenses tracker, I did the same thing I do every month. I divided up my different payment methods to keep things more organized. This really helps me every month on budgeting and seeing where I need to cut down. Granted, you do have to come in here every time you spend money to keep everything up to date.

Weekly Spread

To be even more organized this month, I chose a daily divider for each day. this way, I can know exactly what I need to accomplish that day at a glance. And I added a new section at the bottom! A meal planner for the week. Alex and I cook a lot but it starts getting hard to decide what to eat if we don’t plan things out. Annnddd it leads to us going out to eat. So I am hoping this makes it easier for us to see how our week looks and what groceries we need!


I added this section to last month’s spread at the last minute so didn’t share it with you all. But it has become of my favorites to fill out. At the end of every month, I like to sit down and reflect on different areas of my life. From my family, work to the future, I love to see what the month has brought me.

I hope you enjoyed my walk-through of my February Bullet Journal Spread. These are my favorite posts to share since I am able to utilize my creativity!

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A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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