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Can you believe we’re almost at the end of April? I can’t believe how fast the first part of this year has passed, it feels like a blink since the New Year, and here we are with summer sneaking up on us. April has been a bit of a strange month because I’ve been slowing way down. I took some time off while my kids had their spring break earlier in the month, and then I haven’t been feeling well (a combination of bad allergies, my auto-immune disease and some other things). It’s forced me to take some time, slow down and take care of things I normally kind of put on the back burner. This past year has taught me more than ever, how much I need to listen to my body when it tells me to slow down and rest, and I’m trying to learn it well. Slowing down I can see has been good for me.

Speaking of slowing down, we had the loveliest weekend. On Friday I made pizza and we watched the new whale documentary on Disney Plus. It’s really great if you’re looking for something fun to watch with your kids. On Saturday we drove up to western Mass in the morning to look at some horses. We’re planning to add a second horse this spring/summer and we’ve been looking for the right one for a bit now. But just like everything else right now the horse market is crazy. (I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.). There’s very little supply and high demand, so we’re trying to just be patient and wait until we find just the right thing.

After we got home we spent the rest of Saturday outside. The weather was heavenly and we laid on blankets in the grass reading, swung on our swing, and took turns riding our horse around the pasture. Craig has worked with him so much over the last six months and he’s doing so well. He’s such a sweet, gentle horse and such a nice ride.

We had a very rainy Sunday so we curled up with books and I made my family’s favorite chili and cornbread for dinner. Perfect for a cozy Sunday evening. I’ll have to share the recipe with you guys soon. It’s really so delicious.

We’ve also been working on lots of house projects. The sheetrock is done in our pantry project and Craig and I will be skim-coating it this week, and then it’s time to build the shelves and put the floor in! I am so excited to have a pantry again. I’m working on the guest bedroom window trim (still waiting for the boards I need to come back in stock), as well as choosing bedding, art and working on some fun projects like making pleated lamp shades. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Next week, the girls and I are flying to Utah to see my sister who is having a baby this week, and I am so excited because with COVID I haven’t seen most of my family in 2 years. I’m busy this week finishing up some of the gifts I’m bringing with me for her new babe.

Here are my recent daily looks!

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outfit linked here.

These white wide-leg pants are one of my favorite warm weather capsule pieces. I styled it here with one of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff pieces, this puff sleeve sweatshirt. You can see a post I did with 4 ways to style them here.

outfit linked here.

This sweater blazer has been one of the best pieces I’ve added to my closet ever. It’s been in constant rotation for years and I always think of new ways to style it.

outfit linked here.

My favorite rain jacket from last fall is back in stock this season and just as great for those wet spring days. I love how easy it is to layer, and best of all it comes in petite sizes as well!

outfit linked here.

I’ve been really loving the Walmart Free Assembly sweaters I picked up earlier this season for my spring capsule. The quality is really great and they’ve washed and held up beautifully. The line is sustainably made and I can vouch for the quality it’s really great!

outfit linked here.

You can probably tell I’ve been on a real sneakers kick lately. I cannot stop wearing these Madewell court sneakers. They are comfortable, neutral and so pretty.

outfit linked here.

On Friday I shared my favorite summer overalls over on my stories, because they are back in stock this season. These are so easy to throw on on hot days. They’re soft and lightweight and nice and versatile. I lived in them last year.

outfit linked here.

They also added them in this great off-white color, which I added to my summer capsule. (Yes, I’m already building my summer capsule). Right now I’ll style them in the spring with long sleeved tees and light jackets. Can’t wait to wear them all summer. They’re currently on sale for 30% off!

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