Cute As A Button

Oh Essie, you never disappoint me! I'm someone who loves to match my nails with the appropriate season and so for spring and summer I'm all about those bright shades! Cute As A Button is an all time favourite of mine! Very opaque in two coats and the staying power of these nail polishes is just fantastic.

It dries really quickly and the formula is just like any other Essie nail polish extremely nice and easy to apply. I love Essie's small brushes because you can be really precise with it. Cute As A Button goes on so smoothly and is a perfect color for spring and summer - for tips and toes! I find it quite difficult to describe the colour but to me it looks like a gorgeous pink-y coral shade. I'm gonna be wearing this nail polish tons this season as it makes me really excited for summer! It basically screams summer and beach holiday! I just had to include little Emma in this blog post, she was being so cute while I was taking my blog photos, patiently waiting in the dirt - like always. Cute as a button I would say!

What are your wearing on your nails right now?

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