building a back to school capsule with Walmart.

sweatshirtwhite skirtsparkly sneakers.

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We are about to head into our last month of summer, which means I’m starting to think about back to school prep.  I was looking back at our last couple years getting ready to go back to school here and here, and honestly it made me a little emotional.  Not only can I not believe how much my kids have grown in just 2 short years, but the reality that it might be awhile before the world feels normal again, and the kids get to go back to school and see their friends again feels a little defeating.  This is going to be an experience we will never forget, that’s for sure.

It’s still pretty up in the air whether we’re even going to be going back in person or not here in Connecticut, but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting my kids prepped for the new year.  I’ve talked a lot about how as a work-from-home-mom getting dressed everyday is crucial to my effectiveness and mental health, and I think it’s the same with kids.  They need to get up and get dressed everyday and have a routine; especially during times like this, when it is so easy to get bored, off-track and discouraged.

Watching my kids and husband transition to working and schooling from home 5 months ago, reminded me a lot of what it was like right after I had my first baby and started staying home all the time.  It was an adjustment, for sure, and getting dressed and trying to show up as my best self everyday was a game changer.

So even if we’re not "going back" to school, I’m still getting my kids ready with their school capsules so they can show up each day feeling their best, and ready to learn, whether it’s at school or at our kitchen table.

Walmart has been my one-stop-shop for back to school for years and especially for my kids’ back to school capsules. Creating a capsule wardrobe for your kids streamlines their closet, makes getting dressed a cinch and laundry a breeze.  (Especially if they wash their own clothes!)  I love Walmart’s on-trend and affordable lines for kids (especially for Ava, who is notoriously rough on her clothes), and wanted to share a few great pieces I’ll be including in their back-to-school capsules.

1. dress. 2. sweatshirt. 3. tie front plaid shirt. 4. tie front chambray shirt. 5. denim jacket. 6. white tee. 7. white eyelet top. 8. navy floral tee. 9. dark denim jeans. 10. light wash denim jeans. 11. denim shorts. 12. white skirt. 13. star sneakers. 14. sparkly sneakers. 15. backpack. 16. socks. 17. booties.

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1.bomber jacket. 2. t-shirt. 3. t-shirt pack. 4. hoodie. 5. t-shirt pack. 6. khaki shorts. 7. backpack. 8. jeans. 9. navy shorts. 10. orange shorts. 11. socks. 12. sneakers. 13. sneaker boots.

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Walmart has tons of back to school options and also offers free two-day shipping, as well as pickup and delivery options! I love that I can order everything my kids need stress-free, especially right now when there’s enough other stress in our lives, at least this can be simple and easy.  However you go back this year, Walmart has your back.

Browse the entire back to school section here! You can browse kids’ fashion, school supplies, supplies and resources for at-home learning and lots of other great resources.

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this post was created in partnership with Walmart. 

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