Brunch With Cats

I don't think there's a person in the world who doesn't like brunch but do you know who loves it the most? - me, that's right. I'm not an early riser so Brunch is literally genious, it's the perfect time when me and my bestie get together and chat about anything and everything  (it's also a pretty good excuse to eat, A LOT) There is nothing quite as nice as a late-morning meal so when my best friend invited me to brunch at her house, I was in. She made this absolutely amazing vanilla pudding with all kinds of fruit on top - delicious, let me tell you!
I got her a little bouquet of flowers from a local florist, I'm obsessed with their flowers and the girl at the store arranged it so beautifully. One of my favorite types of flowers ever has got to be hydrangeas! Now, let's talk about the food, shall we? Like I said, this vanilla pudding was absolutely amazing and she also made these grilled ham & cheese sandwiches! Just looking at these pictures makes me hungry again - they were so good!
Look who has joined us for brunch? Wanda is literally the most photogenic cat I've ever seen so it kind of turned into a cat photo shoot in the end. Such a cutie! (Let's just pretend she didn't just come for the food) I had such an amazing day, thank you to my bestie for inviting me and for the fantastic food!

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