Best Of | The French Pharmacy

Today, we're talking about the Crème de la Crème, the absolute best beauty products I've found and used from regular French pharmacies. I just love having a good old stroll through the pharmacies whenever I get a chance to visit my family -  I usually act like a little girl going to Disney for the first time, whenever I enter a store, there's just so much new to try okay? Anyways here's a list of my French skincare essentials to give you a little guide as to what products are interesting and worth having a look at!
Oh Bioderma, what would my life be without you? I though I'd start with the obvious - I'm sure everyone has heard of this beaut before. There's so many brands that try to create their own version of micellar waters but nothing like this one! I've been using this for years and years and every time I'm in France I bring like 5 bottles back home to last me for a while. - A double pack 2x 500ml costs like 10€, unfair, I know. It removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean and hydrated. I need about 2 cotton pads for my entire face and et voilá makeup gone!

Serozinc is a zinc sulphate solution that aims to sooth the skin if you're suffering from redness, breakouts or inflamed skin. It's packed full of wonderful and simple ingredients being water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate. I have used zinc on my skin for so many years now, mostly in form of a cream or moisturizer so I already knew it works extremely well for my skin. This spray releases a very fine mist and feels so refreshing after cleansing my skin. Now, this is a wonderful little product and an extra step in my skin care routine that I don't want to miss anymore.

This little pot of plain goodness was god-sent and has become an evening skincare staple of mine. I use it every single night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, my lips feel so plump and hydrated - one of the best things I have experienced for my lips! It smells delicious too!

Homéoplasmine has originally been delevoped to soothe sore nipples for breastfeeding mothers - so, naturally, people would start smearing this glorious balm on their skin and lips as well? I'm glad they did, it soothes every bit of skin from chapped lips and pretty much every world known makeup artist uses this product. It's a great multi-purpose balm that soothes, protects and moisturizes the skin. I love that it leaves behind a matte finish, so it works great as a base before applying lipstick. I've never tried a nipple lip cream that works so well at keeping my lips soft and hydrated while wearing matte lipsticks, which usually tend to dry out my lips! It's kind of like the french version of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream!

Embryolisse (20€)
Another great multi-purpose product! It's basically a nourishing, multitasking moisturizer that primes, hydrates, and even removes all traces of makeup? What? I know right? - Awesome. I absolutely love this stuff - it's literally the best primer you'll ever use, it deeply hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid by grabbing water and infusing it into the skin. Makeup artists love it for the way it plumps and primes the skin - and so do I. Great for all skin types, and contains a combination of shea butter and emollient oils to reconstitute, rejuvenate, and repair the skin for a healthy-looking complexion. 

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