Ask Me Your Questions!

Fall Knit and Velvet Gucci Marmont
Knit: Mum’s Handmade | Bag: Gucci Marmont
When I first started Brooklyn Blonde, my favorite thing about the industry was the sense of community that I felt. Not only with my fellow peers, but with so many of you. I love being able to connect, to inspire and to be inspired. At one point, with the industry saturated with so many blogs, that feeling got slightly lost. Do you all feel that way or is it just me?
However, lately, I’ve felt that connection more than I have in awhile and quite honestly, it makes me so happy. I think instastories has a lot to do with that and the conversations we’re able to have! It’s a bit more unfiltered (of course, depending on who you follow) and real.
I get a lot of DMs in a day and I try to answer as many as I can (I’m sure there are some that I miss – I’m sorry!) but that’s what lead me to todays post. I would love to answer a bunch of your FAQ’s in a (few) posts! I often screenshot a lot of your questions and my replies back, but in 24 hours, it’s gone.
So with that being said, ask me your questions! Leave me a comment in this post, on my latest Instagram or send me a DM! Whatever is easiest. Emails might get lost, so that would be my last option.
I’ll be sharing the questions and answers this Friday on here!

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