A Guide To Healthy Holiday Hair

Hey guys, I hope you're all having a great week! As most of you probably know, I'm currently on holiday in France and I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you a little bit about my summer haircare routine. You can't beat a week or two in the sun for your summer holidays, although - nothing wrecks your hair faster than sun, salt water and sand - especially when your hair's already damaged you should be extra careful with it. 

SPF for your hair
Yes, sunscreen for your hair is a thing and definitely something you should consider bringing with you on your holiday. Our hair is vulnerable to sun damage too so it's important to stay protected when you're outside for long periods of time. My favourite has got to be the L'Oréal Expert Solar Sublime Spray (9€). It has UV protection that creates a light film around the hair to protect it from any sun exposure - also smells lovely too.

Shampoo & Conditioner
Whenever I go on holiday, I opt for a deep cleaning shampoo and a moisturizig conditioner. I absolutely love the Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo (20€) - works to remove copper, iron, hard water minerals and styling product build-up on all hair types. It has a nice mild scent and my hair & scalp feels so clean after every use. This shampoo is really pricey but  it does effectively remove all my product build up and doesn't dry out my hair at all. A conditioner I really enjoy using when I'm on holiday is the Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner (20€) it makes my hair feel so moisturized and silky soft.

Hair Brushes 
My favourite hair brush to bring with me when I'm on holiday has to be The Wet Brush (17€) the bristles on this brush are very flexible and basically bounce back while brushing through your hair. Honestly, the best detangling brush I've ever tried. It feels incredibly gentle on the scalp and makes my hair feel like silk in seconds! 

Treatments & Masks
Beat the beach frizz with a good hair mask. Some of my favouite hair masks for damaged hair are actually from the drugstore, one of them being the L'oréal Extraordinary Oil Mask (4€) It doesn't weight the hair down, but helps to create a softer texture and adds much needed moisture. I'd recommend using a hair mask once or twice a week. Another great way to put the life back into your damaged hair is by using an oil. I love the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Immortal Moringa Oil (20€) because my hair instantly feels replenished and nourished whenever I use it.

Sea Salt Spray
If you love the just-off-the-beach look, getting it from a bottle is better for your locks than salty sea air. I love the Tony&Guy Sea Salt Spray (7€) because it creates texture and body with a light hold, suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving that perfect beachy look. While it does give my hair grip and texture, it doesn't make my hair crunchy or dry. The smell is very strong (which I love) and instantly puts me in a jolly holiday mood.

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