5 Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Motivation comes in ebbs and flows and I wanted to share my top 5 tips on how to stay motivated. Whether it’s for a long-term goal or just day to day life, staying motivated is so important to help us realize our potential and to work harder. At the end of the day, these 5 tips on how to stay motivated can help only as much as your mentality allows it. Mentality is everything when it comes to achievement and success! So adjust that mentality to a "yes I can" and read on to my 5 tips on how to stay motivated:

Tip #1 on How to Stay Motivated: Create To-Do Lists

Organization is crucial when it comes to accomplishing anything. You don’t necessarily need a Type A personality or go crazy with planning and organizing. But it is necessarily to have some sense of order. A top contender is to create lists! This is so simple and it helps set your intentions for the day, week, month or even for a certain project or goal. Break down your unit of measure (days, weeks, months, projects, goals, etc) into bite-able chunks. This can really help you stay on top of what you should be doing during the whole process. 

if you want an overall way to stay motivated in your life, write more time-oriented lists for your daily lifestyle. It can be as simple as the following examples:  

✔Make the bed

✔Cook breakfast

✔Read for 30 minutes

✔Go to the gym for 1 hour

✔Go to work/school

If you want to apply this to specific projects/goals, it can be the following examples:

✔Do X by end of Monday

✔Complete Y by end of Tuesday

✔Look over parts X and Y on Wednesday

✔Finish Z by end of Thursday

Tip #2 on How to Stay Motivated: Visualize the End Goal

Know what you are working towards at the end of the day. Whether it is to complete something major or simple every day tasks you want to complete. What is it that you are working for? What is the end goal? Being able to visualize what you are ultimately working towards will drive you to work harder. It can help reset and remind you why you you need to focus and to move forward. 

I typically try to sit down and write out or tell myself 2-3 things that I want to work towards. I completely believe in putting our dreams and plans out into the universe! This helps propel me to work consistently work hard. Realizing the end goal allows me to realize that if I work hard and stay on my path/plans, the goal can become a reality

Tip #3 on How to Stay Motivated: Change Your Routine

Routines can become mundane and quickly contribute to your lack of motivation. So the number one way to put a hard stop to that is simple: change it up! Quick little changes in our lifestyles can create dramatic differences in our efficiency and motivation levels. Our brains and bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to routines. While some are crucial to keep, such as a sleep schedule, you can have a little fun with others. If you eat the same breakfast everyday, change it up, do a different workout or try a gym class, take a different route to work/school, begin a hobby…the list is endless!

Tip #4 on How to Stay Motivated: Set Rewards

The top tip I always want to give people when they are telling me a goal they are working towards or if they are having trouble staying motivated is to RECOGNIZE your progress. Give yourself all the credit that is due! While some tasks or steps in your plan may seem easy or almost brainless that you accomplished them, they are accomplishments nonetheless. You are amazing for even wanting to stay motivated! Give yourself words of positive affirmation…I promise they will go a long way!

Tip #5 on How to Stay Motivated: Take Breaks

Breaks are SO NECESSARY when it comes to motivation. You can’t keep driving a car forever…it’s either going to run out of gas or break down. And that’s the same for us humans. Constantly being on the go-go will come back and burn us out! The breaks can be 5 minutes to spend just doing nothing or a day/week or however long to really step back. This allows you to regain your focus and to come back stronger. Sometimes, it helps you reevaluate where you are and can give so much insight on how you should move forward. So, take the break!

I hope these 5 tips on how to stay motivated helped you in your search for motivation. Remember that your mentality is so important in achieving anything. If you believe you can, you will!


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A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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