10 Things I Love Sunday

I had such a crazy week. We had a big shoot with Real Simple Magazine as well as a bunch of other (not nearly as exciting) things, and this week, Jeremy’s mom is coming to stay with us for a few days. I’m going CRAZY with spring cleaning and am hoping to finally film a full home tour this month. I also started working on a spring AND summer capsule wardrobe (I decided to do a two-season capsule this time just to see if it makes it easier) that I will share with you soon.

Here are 10 things I am loving this week.

1. Nova’s tiny vans. She is so proud to have the same shoes as me. It’s the cutest thing ever! I have to say … there is a LOT more cute matching stuff out there than I imagined there would be. I don’t even have to try. Do you think matching your toddler is the best or the worst idea? Should I make a shopping guide?

2. Taking this ’70s rainbow beach towel to California soon and can’t wait.

3. Give me all the rose quartz. For Emma’s birthday recently, I made her a skincare box and I added one of these … so pretty!

4. I picked up a bunch of these sheet masks and am LOVING them.

5. Tips for finding cheap airline tickets for family travel. I definitely felt a big difference recently when I started buying three tickets for each of our flights instead of just two.

6. A rainbow doormat.

7. I finally picked Nova’s big girl bed (well, this is the headboard … it’s just a boring twin bed otherwise).

8. I finally started working out again this past week (I didn’t work out for several months right before and after we adopted Nova) and I rewarded myself with these pants and this bra. I normally don’t get too excited about fitness clothing, but they are really flattering.

9. I’m loving playing with watercolor crayons with Nova. They’re perfect for her since she mostly likes playing with water—haha.

10. I don’t wear very much jewelry, but I love wearing a lot of tiny gold rings and I’m thinking of adding this moonstone ring to my collection. I love these stacking rings too. I like to get the really small sizes and wear them on the top of my fingers. Speaking of which … I need a manicure. Haha.

I hope you have had a lovely week! I am really looking forward to some quality time with my mother-in-law AND Jeremy and I are going on our first date alone in three months this week … woooo!

Happy Sunday. xx! Elsie



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