10 Things I Love Sunday

Our March weather is being very "Marchy" lately—in other words, it’s been almost 70 degrees one day and snowed the next day 2-3 times in the past few weeks. It’s so hard to get that taste of warm weather only to plummet back to winter, but as long as my precious peony buds are withstanding it, then I can deal and hang in there. We had our grass cut for the first time this year (our yard really needed a haircut!) and I went out to double check with the mowers that they knew not to mow over the small peony bushes that have already popped their heads out. I planted a bunch more last year and I can’t wait for them to bloom!

1. I’ve been getting tired of regular oatmeal every morning, so I made a batch of this easy granola for the first time in a while and I forgot how much I love it! I make enough for the week in one batch and then it’s an easy breakfast topped with banana and almond milk.

2. Need this to help celebrate my favorite time of day!

3. If I was having an Easter brunch with friends this year, I would love to make this! SO CUTE! We used to do a friend’s Easter brunch every year back in Springfield and it was a fun substitute for the big breakfast we would usually have growing up with my extended family after church. My Grandma’s house on Easter morning is still the only place I’ve ever been served kielbasa (a sausage that originated in the Poland/Ukraine area, but my family is German, so some of the Polish items crept into our meals as well).

4. Since Lola is in Daddy-Daycare, we thought it would be fun to get her something like this that she could play with in our den! We are trying to not have too many toys that light up and play music for our own sanity, but also so that she gets used to using her imagination and amusing herself with more simple things. She saw an activity table at a friend’s house recently though and loved it, so something like that table could be a hit! I’m tempted to get this one because it’s so cute, but I think she would like to stand at the other one better since she’s obsessed with standing right now …

5. I can’t tell if these are amazing or hideous but I’m leaning towards amazing …

6. I have a few spots in my house where I can’t seem to keep large plants alive, but I found this faux plant at Target (it’s the one in the above photo) and it looks so good that I bought two of them (their picture doesn’t do it justice, I promise). They use real dried leaves for the base of the stems and I think that really helps give the plants an authentic look.

7. Have you guys tried the Beyond Meat burgers yet? It is by far the best vegetarian burger I’ve ever had—it’s pretty amazing. It has 20 grams of plant-based protein and tastes delicious. We load ours with all the usual burger toppings and I honestly feel you wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t tell someone it was vegetarian!

8. Love Oh Joy’s suggestions for "girl power" books for kids! I saw this one a few weeks ago in a store and thought it was such a good book to have available for girls today.

9. This adorable luggage set makes me want to go on a trip to anywhere just to have an excuse to use it!

10. I’m practicing finding a good drying method/brush/product combination to get my hair smooth from just drying it so I don’t have to straighten it as well (hoping to save time and have less heat on my hair). Usually if I just dry my hair my usual way it is frizzy and giant (and not in a good way), but for the first time ever this week I did a blowout on my own that I would actually wear out as is! I’ll let you know the full process once I feel more confident in it, but that’s a huge deal for me to accomplish on my own!

I think I am going to fill some Easter eggs for Lola this year, but instead of candy I’m just going to put blueberries in. She hasn’t had any refined sugar yet and blueberries are her favorite, so she’ll be very happy to open them and won’t feel like she’s missing out at all. We would always have to find our Easter baskets somewhere in the house growing up and we’d play "hot/cold" until we found it. Did anyone else do that or was that just us?? xo. Laura


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