Monday, 17 October 2016

Adam Goldenberg is the Visionary that Has Changed the Female Clothing Industry

Women throughout the United States may not know who Adam Goldenberg is, but they do know a lot about what he has done. Fabletics is a company that has he helped build. JustFab is another company that he has helped build. He has worked hard with this partner Don Ressler to create some interesting things in the business world. People have started to get used to seeing better discounts on clothing, and Adam Goldenberg plays a big part in this.

More people are starting to experience the vision that Adam Goldenberg has brought forth because more people are shopping online. Adam Goldenberg worked with Myspace in his early days in the business world, but he was not in a CEO position during this time. He would learn a lot when he worked for Myspace though. He found that this would be the company that would help him connect with one of the business partners that he has today. Goldenberg would discover that he was good at following trends. This is something that can be attributed to his early social media skills with Myspace. Goldenberg has been able to see the benefits of doing things through the web.

JustFab is the company that has made millions of dollars, but this was all after Goldenberg and Ressler had already made millions with another company called Intelligent Beauty on JustFab was a bigger vision, and it was their second link in their chain of successful partnerships. The third success story would be the Fabletics website that was started along with Kate Hudson.

Adam Goldenberg has proven that he is able to totally transform the way that woman desire to shop. There was a time when women where shopping online and spending considerable amounts of time shopping for an outfit. What Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have done is make women see the benefit of subscription services. He has been able to give women a great level of convenience. Goldenberg has managed to give a lot of women more free time because they are not out shopping for clothes. They also do not have to worry about spending countless hours online going between different sites to find garments at With the subscription services people can get items of clothing sent direct to their door each month. They setup a style profile, and garments are selected based on the style profile that has been created through Fabletics or JustFab.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Lime Crime Launches New Color Palette


For those who don’t know about Doe Deere, she is the social media sensation behind the popular company Lime Crime. This fashion company is known for its bright hues and flashy colors. In fact, the supporters of this brand call themselves unicorns. Deere named the company after her favorite color, lime green. Today, she markets her products as “cruelty-free” because she doesn’t test any of her products on animals. Furthermore, she models all of her products herself. She knows that she is the only person with the true vision for her products. Therefore, she doubles as both business executive and as the model.

Recently, Lime Crime announced an expansion of their already popular brand. They came out with several all-new metallic colors for facial makeup. This builds on the Superfoils that were launched in June. The Superfoils are water-activated liquid foil eyeshadow. This means that not only are the products waterproof, but the products also gain an enhanced appearance when they come into contact with liquids. The metallic products build on the original Velvetines formula. Both products were welcomed with widespread applause by the unicorns.


Doe Deere took the time to thank her many fans on social media. She stated that product launches with Lime Crime are her favorite part of the job. She explained that her new product will include Superfoil duos. Examples include the Crystal/Halo, the Miami/Gator, and the Squad/Goals. All of these products include two different colors that seek to join the dropping temperatures and fall landscape. Deere assured her fans that everyone will find a bright color duo that works with their own styles. Deere also suggested overlining the lips with liner a few shades darker than usual. On top of the liner, fill in the lips with the Metallic Velvetine product for added effect. These products are found only on the company website.


Deere originally became interested in the fashion industry as a child. She was constantly rummaging through her mother’s purse before school to find bright colors. She turned her childhood passion into Lime Crime and her business serves as an inspiration to young women everywhere.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agricultural businessman and politician who believes that the government in Venezuela should be held to account for the things it has not done. For a very long time, the Venezuelan government has been operating in privacy and Jose Manuel Gonzales believes that it is time for it to come out of the shadows and explain itself.

Gonzalez is deeply involved in the agriculture business and has a great concern about the failing economy in Venezuela as well as increased food shortages across the country. According to Manuel, the government is not responsible enough, and this is why the country is experiencing many problems. Venezuela imports most of its food from other countries meaning the average citizens who depend on farming cannot earn a living or make a profit out of their produces.

Farmers in Venezuela are paid the very little amount of money by the government since it has fixed the prices of basic items including oil and flour. This has since discouraged farmers from producing these goods and even selling at home. They prefer smuggling their commodities into neighboring countries where they can earn a better income.

The government has violated private property rights and justice for its citizens, and if Venezuela has to realize and experience economic growth, then it has to reinstate freedom. Gonzalez also wants the government in Venezuela to deal with the rampant cases of extortions and kidnappings of people. He intends to see an efficient government that will ensure accountability to its people.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the owner of business corporations such as Bridco, SGL Tecnic, Americ Traders, and Thomas Pipe. In the Political world, he served as the representative for the Guarico National Assembly. Gonzalez was also the chairman of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce and later appointed the head of the Federation in the entire region. He has the support of at least 20 Venezuelan Political Parties.

Gonzalez has revealed his commitment and determination to see a change in the country. He has raised issues of mismanagement in the agricultural sector that result in food shortages across the country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has since never lost touch and contact with the ordinary Venezuelan citizen and to most people, he is their hope for change in Venezuela.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

IAP Worldwide Timely Services

IAP Worldwide Services offers world-class services in the areas of advanced technical and professional consultancy, facility management and logistics services all around the globe. The group exists in over 25 nations. It employs over 2000 workers. The company is reputable for its ability to solve the challenges of its customers in both the private and public sectors. The company handles a wide range of areas; from battlefields to natural disasters, and many others. It has built its reputation steadily in the last 60 years of its operation. Its culture of making the ultimate desires of its clients as its own makes it one of the best companies in the world.

Corporate Responsibility
The group believes that success comes only when it is able to offer the same treatment it offers to the customers and employees to other people, who are not part of the company. The society is treated as an important part of the company’s existence.

Mission and Values
The ultimate goals of customers are the major driving force. The staff only rests when the customers are fully contented with the final result.

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Ethics and Compliance
IAP Worldwide Services believes that doing right at all costs is their number one obligation. It solves all the problems in the best way possible and in a way that is in order to the highest standards of professional and moral conducts.

The company mainly seeks professionals in the areas of program management, logistics, construction, Accounting/finance, operations, general management and engineering, among other areas. The cohesiveness achieved mainly through unique skills and expertise of the employees makes the company a force to reckon with in the entire world. It also empowers the employees with the necessary resources to enable them to carry their work to the best standards. The programs in IAP Worldwide Services are aimed at ensuring that the employees offer world class services to the customers. The minority groups are given priority during employee recruitment. According to the company’s website, it is ranked among the best employers globally.

Growth Policy
The business continues to enlarge in size. An article published on PR Newswire on 5th November 2015 highlighted the company’s acquisition of business units at DRS Technologies. The same website published an article on 26th July 2005 about IAP’s involvement in the development of Afghanistan’s air traffic control system. This means that the group has a bright future and has more to offer to its existing clients and the world at large.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

The Venezuelan President Is Facing A Massive Protest From The Opposition According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

The kettle is finally boiling over in Venezuela. The country has turned into a Hollywood movie scene where people are starving, medicine isn’t available, and the country is being controlled by an insane lunatic. The problem is, that scenario is not a movie script. The people of Venezuela are living under those conditions, according to the National Assemblyman from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González has been trying to get the National Assembly to make a move that would ease some of the hardships that the country is enduring, but President Maduro, the hand-picked successor of Hugo Chavez, has blocked any attempt to stop his senseless policy making. Maduro blames an imperialistic conspiracy for the problems in Venezuela, but González knows that’s not true. González is one of Venezuela’s leading experts in the agriculture sector, and he watched Chavez, and now Maduro, closed down farm production and rely on imported goods. When Chavez was alive, the country had the money to bring in imported food and medicine, but the crude oil price crisis put an end to money flow. Venezuela is broke, the imports have stopped, and there is not enough domestic food production to feed the people.

Venezuelans have been trying to cope, and González has been trying to end the madness politically, but Maduro isn’t interested. So the opposition is preparing to have one of the largest protests in the country’s history in September. The opposition wants Maduro to go back to driving a bus. They want their country back, and they want to eat, according to González. About one million people will be in the streets of Caracas, and thousands more will be in the streets of other cities around the country to demand the removal of Maduro from office. González said the protest will be done in a peaceful and democratic way. There is a recall referendum petition circulating, but Maduro claims the petition is illegal. Maduro is blocking the second phase of the referendum, and that is the main reason for the protest, according to Mr. González. Maduro has the military on standby, so the protest may not be as peaceful as planned.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How To Make Online Reputations Shine

There are a lot of online reputation companies out there, but only Status Labs led by Darius Fisher has been able to help people on a new level. His company is so strong that they are helping more people than normal every year, and they are using plans that will help people make sure that they make their reputation look good online.

The first thing that happens at Status Labs is that Darius Fisher will help come up with a response, and then he will direct his staff to start doing all the things that are needed for people who are changing their reputation. That could include a press release, articles that are written about the business and it might even include pictures of the people who work for the business. There are many people who are going to be able to see their reputation change, and it is important for people to remember that they can check the results they are getting online.

Online searches will change because of the way that Status Labs will change their look, and the company will start making the personal connections between the people who do searches online and read. Readers need to see things that make them feel like they are going to get the help that is needed to learn about the company, and the client will start to notice that people are asking about the new information that was printed about them.

Darius Fisher is a great person to talk to because he helps all the people that work with him feel like they are making a difference. It is very easy for him to help clients, and he knows the best strategies to help everyone. It means a lot to the client, and it means the people in the Status Labs office have been given a purpose.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

How The Midas Legacy has Been Changing the Lives of Individuals in Society

Located in Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy is a company dedicated to supplying quality advice on finance management, success, and living positively. Since they are an advisement service company, The Midas Legacy deals with a wide variety of customers in need of different things, such as happiness, entrepreneurship, retirement, and more. On top of the advisement services offered by The Midas Legacy, they also provide assets to some of their members. In this instance, it is mostly for members that are capable of helping the lives of other people in various different fields, including finances, health, real estate, and business.

There are many advisory firms and wealth management companies out there, but few go to the lengths that The Midas Legacy does on a daily basis. The company immediately starts working to promote the success of a client directly after a consult. When an individual decides to become an active member at The Midas Legacy, they are give a guide handbook, called The Midas Code.

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The Midas Legacy has a talented staff of experts that all work towards guiding members of the company in a host of different fields related to business, such as finances, real estate, and more. The company’s team is made up of many experts, including stock market experts, authors, successful entrepreneurs, and many other fields. This is to ensure the maximum potential for helping their clients. Most of these experts are passionate about helping others and seeing them be able to accomplish their goals with their own potential.

As an Example, Sean Bowe, one of the many knowledgeable experts working at The Midas Legacy, has a strong knack for finance and business. On multiple occasions, his name has been featured on leading finance platforms, including Yahoo Finance, Nikkei, and International Business Times. There is also Mark Edward, who is a health expert advising customers on living natural and healthy lifestyles. Many of the experts at The Midas Legacy have expertise in finance and health, because it is the belief at the company that happiness is achieve through achieving ones goals for success and living healthy.

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Jose Manuel’s Big Dreams for His Country.

Jose Manuel is one of the leading business persons in Venezuela, who currently represents that Guárico State at the National Assembly. He formerly served as a head of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. Due to his outstanding expertise in business and a commendable talent in entrepreneurship, the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce appointed him to serve as its chairperson. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzales is a highly knowledgeable person and is experienced in the agriculture sector. He readily shares his skill with the public.

According to the entrepreneur, the government of Venezuela is controlled by a few politician, who fail in some duties. He believes that he can speak up for the people and facilitate the change that needs to be done. Jose has a lot of substantial knowledge on that he can share with the Venezuelan people to help them in their endeavors. He is an active participant in the agriculture sector, and this has made him be close to the common citizens of Venezuela. Mr. Manuel finds his motivation in the United States government and believes that all the citizens of his country should be given equal opportunities to participate in governing the nation. He works hard to ensure that the people of Venezuela get proper employment from firms like his.

Mr. Manuel firmly believes that farmers are being oppressed by the current condition of the agriculture industry. The sector is being poorly managed hence farmers do not get sufficient profits from selling their produce in the country. The government has set fixed prices for some commodities, and if they are not improved, the farmers will seek for an alternative business or smuggle their goods to Colombia, which can offer good prices. Jose is a conscientious individual, and he would like to strive to ensure that the current situation of his country is improved. He believes that he has the wisdom and ability to change Venezuela, and all that he needs is a chance to be in the government. Jose Manuel is knowledgeable in governance and would like to bring the government to the people of his country, Venezuela.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Securus Shames GTL’s Cheap Cheats

For long time now, GTL has been one of the most trusted prison technology companies in America. However, what many of the clients who are loyal companies don’t know is that they have been victims of GTL’s cheap cheating skims at one point or the other. Therefore, it must have been a shock for them when Securus made a statement highlighting on their ethical misdemeanors.

Securus is not the first to shame GTL on their wrongdoings. It so happens that exactly 18 years ago, they were charges and penalized by the Louisiana Public Service Commission on some of the wrongdoings that Securus highlighted. After a very long wait, GTL is still adamant to change. This has led to a damaging reputation of the industry.

What GTL’s clients do not know is that, the company is constantly billing a transaction more than twice. If this is not happening, then they are deliberately overcharging transactions, or adding time to calls or charging way above their allowable tariff rates. All this leads to customers paying for much more than they should. No wonder, people think the worst of the industry. Only that they could find no options to keep in touch with their families who are serving time.

It is so unfair to take advantage of customer, just because of their desperation. A company should be run on the foundation of integrity. This should guide them in concentrating on the interests of the customers, not just about making profits. In this regard, Securus stewarded the industry by increasing the quality of their customer service, earning themselves an A+ grade, as rated by the BBB accreditation. Such actions along with the boldness to come out and shame companies that breach integrity are a step to restoring trust in the industry.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Adam Goldenberg Success?

An extraordinary visionary and entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg founded the popular e-commerce fashion outlet JustFab alongside co-CEO Don Ressler. His journey started as early as 15. In fact, JustFab isn’t his first successful project. Gamers Alliance acquired by the Intermix Media subsidiary and social media giant, MySpace in 1999 was actually Adam Goldenberg’s first entrepreneurial endeavor. With the success he attained as a young businessman, it didn’t take long before Goldenberg decided to drop out of high school. Having received an invitation to join the Intermix Media family, he immediately relocated and became the V.P. of strategic planning. At age 20, Goldenberg became the youngest chief operating officer inducted into a publicly listed group.

His long-nurtured partnership with brand strategist and serial entrepreneur, Don Ressler started at Intermix. In 2001, Ressler sold, a lifestyle e-commerce platform to Intermix Media. Today, he’s a billionaire who’s mentored millionaire investors into successful business transactions. Ressler and Goldenberg have been inseparable since they became fast partners. When News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005, the pair partnered and launched their first project together, Intelligent Beauty at Later, they introduced various other brands that generated lucrative returns. With a focus on fashion, they successfully introduced interactive trends that promised consumers an incredible budget and personalized shopping. It quickly found funding from established investors and soon became a viral brand.

They launched JustFab in 2010 at It uses a subscription model to recommend helpful shopping trends on designer fashion. Largely, it promotes celebrity accessories, handbags, and shoes for a reasonable monthly subscription. With membership, shoppers get access to the latest fashion hand-picked by professional stylists. Goldenberg and Ressler knew nothing about women’s fashion when they started the business. Today they’re industry experts who are extremely passionate and creative. JustFab has some 35 million subscribers globally. As JustFab co-founders/co-CEOs, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler continue expansion through acquisitions. Currently, JustFab extends its products to Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, France, and Germany. It also acquired ShoeDazzle, alongside subsidiaries FabKids and Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg perceives the fashion industry as an ever-changing landscape according to an NRF (National Retail Federation) questionnaire published last week. Additionally, he explained the benefits of the JustFab subscription model. In fact, Goldenberg strongly believes that both consumers and the company profits from the model. Although JustFab consumes much of his time, Goldenberg still enjoys snowboarding with his family. He’s among the entrepreneurs and innovators chosen to present revolutionary industry trends at The Montgomery Summit in March 2017.