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How The Midas Legacy has Been Changing the Lives of Individuals in Society

Located in Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy is a company dedicated to supplying quality advice on finance management, success, and living positively. Since they are an advisement service company, The Midas Legacy deals with a wide variety of customers in need of different things, such as happiness, entrepreneurship, retirement, and more. On top of the advisement services offered by The Midas Legacy, they also provide assets to some of their members. In this instance, it is mostly for members that are capable of helping the lives of other people in various different fields, including finances, health, real estate, and business.

There are many advisory firms and wealth management companies out there, but few go to the lengths that The Midas Legacy does on a daily basis. The company immediately starts working to promote the success of a client directly after a consult. When an individual decides to become an active member at The Midas Legacy, they are give a guide handbook, called The Midas Code.

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The Midas Legacy has a talented staff of experts that all work towards guiding members of the company in a host of different fields related to business, such as finances, real estate, and more. The company’s team is made up of many experts, including stock market experts, authors, successful entrepreneurs, and many other fields. This is to ensure the maximum potential for helping their clients. Most of these experts are passionate about helping others and seeing them be able to accomplish their goals with their own potential.

As an Example, Sean Bowe, one of the many knowledgeable experts working at The Midas Legacy, has a strong knack for finance and business. On multiple occasions, his name has been featured on leading finance platforms, including Yahoo Finance, Nikkei, and International Business Times. There is also Mark Edward, who is a health expert advising customers on living natural and healthy lifestyles. Many of the experts at The Midas Legacy have expertise in finance and health, because it is the belief at the company that happiness is achieve through achieving ones goals for success and living healthy.

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Jose Manuel’s Big Dreams for His Country.

Jose Manuel is one of the leading business persons in Venezuela, who currently represents that Guárico State at the National Assembly. He formerly served as a head of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. Due to his outstanding expertise in business and a commendable talent in entrepreneurship, the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce appointed him to serve as its chairperson. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzales is a highly knowledgeable person and is experienced in the agriculture sector. He readily shares his skill with the public.

According to the entrepreneur, the government of Venezuela is controlled by a few politician, who fail in some duties. He believes that he can speak up for the people and facilitate the change that needs to be done. Jose has a lot of substantial knowledge on that he can share with the Venezuelan people to help them in their endeavors. He is an active participant in the agriculture sector, and this has made him be close to the common citizens of Venezuela. Mr. Manuel finds his motivation in the United States government and believes that all the citizens of his country should be given equal opportunities to participate in governing the nation. He works hard to ensure that the people of Venezuela get proper employment from firms like his.

Mr. Manuel firmly believes that farmers are being oppressed by the current condition of the agriculture industry. The sector is being poorly managed hence farmers do not get sufficient profits from selling their produce in the country. The government has set fixed prices for some commodities, and if they are not improved, the farmers will seek for an alternative business or smuggle their goods to Colombia, which can offer good prices. Jose is a conscientious individual, and he would like to strive to ensure that the current situation of his country is improved. He believes that he has the wisdom and ability to change Venezuela, and all that he needs is a chance to be in the government. Jose Manuel is knowledgeable in governance and would like to bring the government to the people of his country, Venezuela.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Securus Shames GTL’s Cheap Cheats

For long time now, GTL has been one of the most trusted prison technology companies in America. However, what many of the clients who are loyal companies don’t know is that they have been victims of GTL’s cheap cheating skims at one point or the other. Therefore, it must have been a shock for them when Securus made a statement highlighting on their ethical misdemeanors.

Securus is not the first to shame GTL on their wrongdoings. It so happens that exactly 18 years ago, they were charges and penalized by the Louisiana Public Service Commission on some of the wrongdoings that Securus highlighted. After a very long wait, GTL is still adamant to change. This has led to a damaging reputation of the industry.

What GTL’s clients do not know is that, the company is constantly billing a transaction more than twice. If this is not happening, then they are deliberately overcharging transactions, or adding time to calls or charging way above their allowable tariff rates. All this leads to customers paying for much more than they should. No wonder, people think the worst of the industry. Only that they could find no options to keep in touch with their families who are serving time.

It is so unfair to take advantage of customer, just because of their desperation. A company should be run on the foundation of integrity. This should guide them in concentrating on the interests of the customers, not just about making profits. In this regard, Securus stewarded the industry by increasing the quality of their customer service, earning themselves an A+ grade, as rated by the BBB accreditation. Such actions along with the boldness to come out and shame companies that breach integrity are a step to restoring trust in the industry.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Adam Goldenberg Success?

An extraordinary visionary and entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg founded the popular e-commerce fashion outlet JustFab alongside co-CEO Don Ressler. His journey started as early as 15. In fact, JustFab isn’t his first successful project. Gamers Alliance acquired by the Intermix Media subsidiary and social media giant, MySpace in 1999 was actually Adam Goldenberg’s first entrepreneurial endeavor. With the success he attained as a young businessman, it didn’t take long before Goldenberg decided to drop out of high school. Having received an invitation to join the Intermix Media family, he immediately relocated and became the V.P. of strategic planning. At age 20, Goldenberg became the youngest chief operating officer inducted into a publicly listed group.

His long-nurtured partnership with brand strategist and serial entrepreneur, Don Ressler started at Intermix. In 2001, Ressler sold, a lifestyle e-commerce platform to Intermix Media. Today, he’s a billionaire who’s mentored millionaire investors into successful business transactions. Ressler and Goldenberg have been inseparable since they became fast partners. When News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005, the pair partnered and launched their first project together, Intelligent Beauty at Later, they introduced various other brands that generated lucrative returns. With a focus on fashion, they successfully introduced interactive trends that promised consumers an incredible budget and personalized shopping. It quickly found funding from established investors and soon became a viral brand.

They launched JustFab in 2010 at It uses a subscription model to recommend helpful shopping trends on designer fashion. Largely, it promotes celebrity accessories, handbags, and shoes for a reasonable monthly subscription. With membership, shoppers get access to the latest fashion hand-picked by professional stylists. Goldenberg and Ressler knew nothing about women’s fashion when they started the business. Today they’re industry experts who are extremely passionate and creative. JustFab has some 35 million subscribers globally. As JustFab co-founders/co-CEOs, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler continue expansion through acquisitions. Currently, JustFab extends its products to Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, France, and Germany. It also acquired ShoeDazzle, alongside subsidiaries FabKids and Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg perceives the fashion industry as an ever-changing landscape according to an NRF (National Retail Federation) questionnaire published last week. Additionally, he explained the benefits of the JustFab subscription model. In fact, Goldenberg strongly believes that both consumers and the company profits from the model. Although JustFab consumes much of his time, Goldenberg still enjoys snowboarding with his family. He’s among the entrepreneurs and innovators chosen to present revolutionary industry trends at The Montgomery Summit in March 2017.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

InnovaCare’s Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare advantage is a form of health insurance in the United States. The program is designed to cover all the services being covered by Original Medicare. Through the Medicare Advantage program, individuals get cover for both emergency and any other care needed with urgency. Medicare Advantage also provides extra coverage for cases such as hearing problems, vision, dental and wellness programs. It is a requirement for the Medicare Advantage plan to cover both Part A and Part B benefits as it is in the Original Medicare. A monthly premium payment will be made besides the normal part B premiums. Commercial insurance companies offer Medicare advantage and in return they get compensation from the federal government. Medicare Advantage Plans to contract with the federal government. The government gets to pay these insurance providers a fixed amount per individual to provide Medicare services.

Medicare Advantage plan varies and the most common type include:

• Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

• Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

• Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS)

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InnovaCare Health, Inc. is the most popular organization in North America known to provide health care services. The team is committed to providing its clients with the most sustainable and affordable health care services through Provider Networks and Medicare advantage. Medicare Advantage program from InnovaCare Health, Inc. provides seniors with benefits to help them meet assist them in acquiring their medical needs. The program also provides seniors with mental and physical well-being. The organization is driven by their mission which aims at improving the overall quality of their clients’ lives. It is the leading provider Medicare Advantage plans as well as the physician practice services. Currently, they operate one medical service organization named MSO of Puerto Rico, Inc. The organization is a top administrative medical service institution. It helps providers to plan their operations and make them efficient.

InnovaCare, Inc. dedicates its success to the experienced and committed team. Its President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Shinto has a vast experience in matters of clinical and health care in managed care. Dr. Rick Shinto is also an author having written various articles on health care and clinical medicine. He has served in many health organizations before moving to InnovaCare. Another well-known personality is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. Her previous position at the organization was Chief Operating Officer. Before joining InnovaCare, Inc. Penelope Kokkinides used to work at Centerlight Healthcare as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Kokkinides attended Binghamton University from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences.

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How Does Eric Pulier Help People With Disabilities?

Everyone with disabilities has a hard time getting around the world, and they struggle in school. I had friends in school who had a hard time because of some kind of disability, but we lived in a place where we had Eric Pulier pushing for education reform for kids like my friends. I never used the technology myself, but it was really good for people around me. They were able to get into advanced classes, and some of them were better able to get around. I really liked the fact that I could see people getting better at school when they thought that they could not do much.

We all graduated and started working in the community, and that is when I actually heard about People Doing Things. I realized that Eric Pulier was actually pushing for adults and kids to have technology that made their lives easier. I had no idea how I would help someone with a disability, but I could see it with my own two eyes. It was right there in front of me, and I even worked with people who were using his technology. They said it helped them have a normal life, and a guy I know even got married to a girl he met at work because he had the technology to get a job.

I also heard about Starbright World, and I nearly cried when I learned that Pulier had set up this social network. I think it might have been the first one, and it helped this girl who lived up the street talk to other kids that had terminal illnesses. It was something that I could not believe because it was so kind, and then I realized that he wanted to use his technology for good more than he did just for money. I hear he works on the X Prize today, and I bet he is asking people building rockets how they can apply their technology to other facets of daily life. I know my life was better because of Eric Pulier, and I am not even disabled.

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Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero Makes Large Donation

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993, with the help of James Dondero’s co-founder Linda Owen. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that specializes in hedge fund companies, investment solutions, and private equity firms. Their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas which is considered one of America’s friendliest business towns.

James Dondero has a long line of experience in credit markets, and investments which benefit him in his successful management company. Dondero attended the Universtiy of Virgina where he received a degree in accounting and finance. His experience has helped him go from one successful company to another, and with each step expanding his career and lifestyle. Throughout his lifetime James Dondero has received many achievements for his business ventures. Some of those achievements include: Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014, and Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014.

Along with being the president of Highland Capital Management James Dondero spends a lot of his time participating in charity work. Through the Dallas foundation, James Dondero donates almost three million dollars annually to charitable donations. As well as providing these charities with guidance through board service and other leadership roles. It can be difficult in today’s society to be a successful businessman, as well as a charitable man but Dondero manages to do both, which he is applauded for.


Keith and Keely’s Local Impact

William James said it best many years ago: “The aim of a college education is to teach you to know a good man when you see it”. This is probably one of the truest things I have heard in my life. As a kid I never looked at myself as a good man because no one ever showed me the example of a good man. I knew I was troubled and I knew that I had the potential but would never be able to reach it simply because I wasn’t the good man I know I was supposed to be. The day I arrived to college and looked in the mirror I realized that there was a man inside of me.

I meet young men every day who never learn their own power and strength just because they have minimized it. They have so much destiny in them but never embrace it because they don’t the money or resources needed to be successful. Recently, Keith and Keely Mann decided to help more young people see their value by introducing the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. This scholarship was created to help students of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. In most cases students who attend this college are less fortunate and simply just need the opportunity to be presented to them to attend college. Keith and Keely saw the drive in these students and decided they could make a difference and impact not only on the community but in the world around them.

Does the name Keith Mann ring a bell? Well it should. Keith is a business man and entrepreneur. He has been notoriously known for his work in the search executive world. He is also the founder and CEO of DSP(Dynamic Search Partners) an organization created to highlight those in the search executive world.


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The Merging Of Two Great IT Staffers Produces DIVERSANT LLC

When John Goullet started Info Technologies to do IT Staffing, he probably had no idea how successful he would be, nor that he would merge his company with another person of color, Gene Waddy, running his own successful IT Staffing company. John Goullet combined his company with Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. At the merged DIVERSANT LLC, both men’s talents and skills are now applied in unison to grow their business to the next level.

The process that Goullet has always applied to finding and readying IT department job candidates will continue at DIVERSANT LLC, with Goullet at the helm as the CEO. Part of that process is to objectively identify any areas of knowledge deficiency in their promising job applicants, and then coach them to upgrade their skills and required knowledge for particular job requirements in IT. As their clients are the totality of their business, they work very closely with them to create win-win situations for them and the client companies that hire them.

DIVERSANT LLC will continue to provide the Fortune 500 with the right potential candidates for the nation’s top IT positions. Long term, Goullet plans to further diversify the company and grow it to become the leading IT staff provider. He had built his own business to the level of a $30 million company in 2010. His company was ranked #8 on the 500 leading businesses in America, by Inc. Magazine. Waddy had accomplished similar results. Together, they will follow the sage advice of their Board of Directors, which they have filled with much older, more seasoned executives. Their Board includes Steven M. Scopellite and William J. Grubbs. Scopellite is the CEO of Cross Country Healthcare and Grubbs was Global CIO at Goldman Sachs.

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Why SearchCleanup Is A Great Service For Your Company

From time to time, a business owner is going to have to deal with negative reviews that come up about their business. Sometimes those kinds of reviews can be helpful to improve the quality of service, or to know if there are customers out there that are being left behind in terms of service. But sometimes information gets published out there that if left unchecked, can do damage to a business or their credibility and when that kind of information disseminates, it may be time to enlist the help of professionals to clean it up.

If you or your business has been the victim of attacks by disseminating bad information, it’s usually tempting to fight it alone. But more often than not whenever you battle it alone, you resort to muddy tactics and only end up further damaging your business. That’s why you should never be afraid to ask for help in getting your reputation repaired and reestablishing your credibility online. One good way to do that is to point to awards, certifications, and testimonies from credible sources such as the Better Business Bureau, or other organizations that can back your business up. Another way is to address any customer concerns you may hear about and let them know that the issue is being dealt with and business will go on.

But when it comes to enlisting professionals who can help clean your online image, has you covered. can find bad or untrue articles out there about your business and have them taken down, and make sure that mostly good information shows up online. While they may not be able to get every single article or comment removed, if there’s information not yet updated for issues that your business had resolved, usually that information can be changed or taken down. All you need to do is just visit, fill in the signup form, and you’ll be contacted by a representative who will discuss how they can cleanup your search results.